“It is my priority to create a therapeutic atmosphere that promotes safety, and trust. I look forward to collaboratively supporting you in your “styling the inside” healing and well-being journey.”

I support my clients on their healing journey using a holistic, trauma-informed, mindful, and compassionate therapeutic approach that is client-centered and tailored to fit each person’s unique needs.

My educational background is in Early Childhood Development, Mindfulness, and Counselling Therapy. I am a Certified Early Childhood Educator, a Certified Mindfulness Practioner, and a Registered Therapeutic Counselor Candidate. However, beyond my education, my passion for this work ultimately stems from my early lived experiences. As a child and adolescent, I experienced adverse trauma and as a result, the impacts of this developmental trauma stayed with me well into my adult life. This led me on my “styling the inside” path to trauma healing.

Asking for help wasn’t always easy for me, but it was the support that I received that truly helped me on my healing path. I attribute my healing progress to the special counsellors in my life who helped me feel safe, seen, validated, and heard. For this reason, my purpose-driven mission is to help others discover their innate capacity to heal and remember who they are…on the inside.

I have a wealth of experience working with individuals, children, youth, caregivers, parents, and educators. I owned and operated a multi-age childcare center, and have worked in a supportive role with School District 43 with children and youth, as well as providing PEACE Counselling support to children, youth, and non-offending parents and caregivers who have witnessed domestic violence and abuse. In addition, I have taught trauma-sensitive mindfulness workshops to individuals, as well as psycho-educational group workshops for parents and caregivers online, and in person. I am also a well-being advocate, content creator, and freelance writer, and have worked with many businesses and brands that align with my mission and values.

I come from a mixed ethnic background and was raised with individualistic, and collectivist cultural values. I recognize the impact that colonization has on our society and I am committed to unlearning and re-learning best practices from a decolonial lens.

When I’m not in my supportive helping role, you can often find me spending time in nature, hiking, reading, creating memories with my children, extended family & friends, and nurturing my relationship with myself, so I can, in turn, support others.

Thank you for stopping by. I’m looking forward to potentially supporting you on your Styling The Inside healing journey.

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor Candidate (RTCC)
Certified Mindfulness Teacher Professional Level (CMT-P)
Certified Early Childhood Educator
Freelance Writer & Speaker
Well-Being Digital Content Creator & Ambassador

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I have worked with many notable companies that align with Styling The Inside’s mission and values. Please inquire through email if you are looking to partner to support your business.