What I learned from a night of sewing at The Cutting Room in Vancouver + a $30 off code towards fashion design, sewing classes and more!

 What we make matters enormously, and it doesn’t matter at all.  Art is a crushing chore and a wonderful privilege. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you. -Elizabeth Gilbert


Last night I attended a media event at The Cutting Room, in Vancouver hosted by my authentic and creative friend Taslim Jaffer, Writer and Founder of Let me out. Going into the event I knew we would be making something, but I had no idea we were going to be sewing! I’m quite embarrassed to say, I have never tried sewing in my life! I’m not a DIY person, and I don’t craft, paint, or draw. This doesn’t mean I don’t think I’m creative, I just never really enjoyed doing these types of things. Or maybe, I simply didn’t know I could enjoy these types of things because I’ve never tried. Needless to say, last night for the first time ever, I used a sewing machine and I made (with some help) my very own tote bag!


Here’s what I learned from last night’s event:

I take for granted the work that goes into fashion design, sewing, knitting, and creating. I appreciate the product but never, have I ever taken into account the amount of work that goes into people’s handmade works of art. I guess this is because I’ve never really done it.

For this reason, I have a new-found appreciation for the way clothing, bags and accessories are made and designed.

I also learned that you must have an open mind. I was never really open to learning how to sew, and when I arrived I still had this feeling of ” Omg, do I really have to do this?” lingering, however, once I began there was no turning back.

There were moments of embarrassment, like when I thought I was sewing but the thread wasn’t even attached to the needle! And there were moments of bliss, where I felt like I had escaped from reality for a few moments in a trance as my foot pressed down gently on the pedal, and I watched the needle thread through the canvas.

In addition,  I learned that The Cutting Room isn’t just a studio where you can come and learn how to sew. In fact, The Cutting Room does it all! Ideation, design, pattern making, sourcing, sampling, production, and they offer a variety of classes. In addition, The Cutting Room has  helped many brands launch,  including Hershel Supply. They coach start-ups, and best of all, teach the next generation of makers and doers. I know my middle daughter would love to take some classes at The Cutting Room.

img_0175 img_0173

Finally, I learned that to live a creative life, I have to give up on the internal fear of being wrong, messing up, making mistakes, and in last night’s case, sewing crooked lines, because like Maya Angelou said,  “You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have!”


If you’re into fashion, design, creating, making, or you simply want to learn how to knit or sew, check out some of the classes below and be sure to visit their website: www.the-cuttingroom.com USE CODE: StylingtheInside30 for $30 off a class. 


Sewing: https://www.the- cuttingroom.com/classes/ sewing/. This course teaches all the basic fundamentals of sewing as well as how to use the associated machines. This course offers both youth and adult sessions.


Fashion Design: https://www.the- cuttingroom.com/classes/ fashion-design/. This course is offered in two 8-week long levels and teaches all aspects of fashion design (pattern making, draping, line sheets, etc.).


Pattern Making: https://www.the- cuttingroom.com/classes/ beginner-pattern-making/. The Cutting Room offers both a 8-week long beginner pattern making course as well as a one-day intensive advanced pattern making workshop. Students will gain pattern making skills and learn varying techniques.


Portfolio Preparation (NEW!): https://www.the- cuttingroom.com/classes/ launch-your-line/. This course teaches students how to prepare their portfolios for entrance into fashion school.


Launch Your Line (NEW!): https://www.the- cuttingroom.com/classes/ portfolio-preparation/. Students will learn tips and tricks and step-by-step tactics to successfully launch a fashion business.




Immerse yourself in inspirational talks at Leading Moms


Moms, get ready to immerse yourself in inspirational talks from some of Vancouver’s most influential moms. On Friday Sept. 23rd 2016 Crisp Media is hosting its fifth annual Leading Moms event at the Vancity Theatre. This years theme is childhood. The amazing line-up of speakers will share their personal stories of motherhood, and leadership through a mix of performances, video, and intimate talks.

This is my third year attending as an ambassador and each year I leave the event feeling refreshed, and inspired. lm-2016-promo-photo

Leading Moms is about connecting other moms in the community. This event is for moms from all walks of life. It’s a day to immerse yourself in inspiration, and focus on yourself; something that oftentimes gets put on the back burner.

In other words, set aside some time just for you and treat yourself to an inspiring day of heart-felt stories and  connection.

You know the saying, it takes a village.  Leading moms feels like that village! They offer free childcare, (on a first come first serve basis), light breakfast and lunch is included in the ticket price and you’ll be out of the event in time to pick up your children from school!


This years speaker line-up includes:

MiYoung Lee 

“Multiple Webster nominee and RTNDA winner, Miyoung Lee rings in her fourteenth year with CBC as the host and producer of CBC Vancouver News at 11 p.m.”

Ranbir Puar 

“Ranbir Puar’s journey was born of a deep desire to transform despair into destiny.

Her passion for empowering others led to the development of Spirituality for Reality Inc., an organization that focuses on integrating mind, body and spirit to instill positive self-image in children and adults.

Ranbir’s unique ability to get to the heart of the matter in a highly intuitive yet pragmatic and direct way has enabled her clients to achieve clarity and make dramatic changes in their lives.”

Erin Treloar

“Erin has interviewed over 200 women from across North America including Olympic gold-medalist, Jamie Anderson and Grammy award-winning artist, Colbie Caillat for RAW Beauty Talks, a special series that features women without make-up, Photoshop or filters.”

Bobs and Lolo 

“Bobs & LoLo are three-time JUNO nominated singer-songwriters and stars of the upbeat, musical preschool series – Sing, Dance and Play with Bobs & LoLo. Recently named Canada’s Favourite Kids’ Entertainer in a nationwide poll by CBC Music, this dynamic duo is dedicated to connecting children to nature with music, movement and make-believe.”

Tara Teng

“Tara Teng is a TV host, Miss World Canada 2012, a human rights activist, and works with various organizations around the world to combat gender-based violence and human trafficking.”

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe 

“A Huffington Post parenting blogger, author of the best-selling book Discipline without Damage: How to get your kids to behave without messing them up, founder of The Wishing Star Developmental Clinic, and a regularly invited media guest, contributor, and speaker, Dr. Vanessa is known for bringing a sense of nurturing understanding to all of her work.”

Elaine Tam; Founder of Easy Daysies

“Mother of three, wife and teacher, Elaine Tan Comeau is the 2014 Canadian Mompreneur of the Year, recipient of the Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence in Business, Award in Teaching Excellence, and she is the CEO/Founder of one of Dragons’ Den favorite pitches, Easy Daysies.”

Sabrina Furminger 

“Sabrina Furminger is the pen behind Reel People, a weekly column in Vancouver’s The Westender newspaper covering the local film, television, and web series scene. Her books include 2011’s The Healer, as well as Men of Science Fiction, a collaboration with celebrity photographer Dennys Ilic.”


lm-300x250-keynotes lm-300x250-ver2-1


USE CODE: LMJAMIEKHAU for $10 off the ticket price and if you sign up with 4 friends you get your tickets for just $50 each!




Get your kids outside at Ecokeepers Discovery Day at Stanley Park


Being outside, soaking in the fresh air, and taking in the gorgeous surroundings of nature is extremely beneficial for our mental health. When I’m having a gloomy day, going for a walk outdoors always makes me feel better. In fact, when I find my kids are getting restless and bored, a good old walk in the forest always perks them up too.

What I love best about being in the forest with the kids is the way time feels like it’s standing still. We get to listen to the sounds of the birds, and the wind rustling the leaves in the trees.

Best of all, getting in touch with nature is a free activity that the entire family can enjoy together. It’s truly an enriching experience that fosters not only my children’s imagination, but mine too! When I leave the forest, I feel inspired, and creative, ready to tackle my to-do list with calm and ease.

Sadly, the statistics show that children’s time spent outdoors is decreasing rapidly. Children are spending on average 4 or more hours per day on a mobile device or in front of the television. It’s imperative we get children outside, moving and grooving and in touch with nature, especially with the prevalence of anxiety in children and youth.

For this reason, events like the  Envirokidz Ecokeepers Geocaching Treasure Hunt in the lush forest of Stanley Park, is something I’m very excited to attend with my girls.

Envirokidz wants children to get outside, and discover the world around them, with a fun treasure hunt, and chances to win some great prizes.

My girls have never geocached before, so they’re super excited to try! If you’ve never geocached before either, there will be helpers on site helping the children and families begin their treasure hunt in the forest.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, September 17, 2016
Time: 10am – 2pm
Location: Ceperley Playground, Second Beach, Stanley Park

*The first 50 participants will win swag bags filled with EnviroKidz goodies, a trackable ladybug for geocaching and Whole Foods gift card (valued at $50). All participants will be entered into a draw to win a grand prize of $250 Whole Foods gift card and Nature’s Path gift basket.



About Envirokidz Ecokeepers Program 

Envirokidz is a kids’ and family-focused brand that goes beyond feeding young tummies – it is about feeding positive change in young minds. Born out of a desire to bring delicious organic food to kids and help to empower them to make their world a better place, 1% of all Envirokidz sales support animal habitat conservation and education programs around the world.

Their ecokeepers program is about getting kids outside and discovering the world around them to develop a life-long relationship with nature. Numerous studies show that kids who spend time outdoors are:

  • happier and less stressed
  • see a boost in classroom performance
  • have enhanced problem-solving skills and imagination
  • are leaner
  • can experience a reduction in ADHD symptoms, and
  • better understand the need to nurture nature and how animals, plants and people are tightly connected

Free to camps and schools

Free to camps and schools, ecokeepers provides an interactive explorer activity that harnesses a kid’s natural curiosity and sense of discovery. It blends the modern day, GPS enabled treasure hunt of geocaching with the traditional explorer guidebook to document notes and pictures. There is even an e-version parents can do at home.

Learn how you can bring ecokeepers into your school, local camp or home.

Questions? Email ecokeepers@envirokidz.com


Peekaboo Beans-The comfiest clothing for play!

Image result for play quotes

Play; the most important work our children will ever do. And the best way to do it? In comfy, Peekaboo Beans cozy playwear with no fussy buttons, custom quality fabrics, removable labels, easy to use zippers, and tangle free ( no loose ends to prevent accidents while your child plays) of course!

You can read my interview here with Founder Traci Costa to learn more about how this grass roots local playwear company began.

Check out these photos of our daughters in their comfy, Fall, back to school playwear!

The two peas in a pod label is the cutest!







_mg_1877 _mg_1910 _mg_1869

*I’m a proud Peekaboo Beans Ambassador.

Share your Peekaboo Beans playwear with the hashtag #playingwithPB for a chance to be featured on one of their social platforms.




Sevenoaks Shopping Centre hosts Be You Girl Event on Saturday September 17th


 As most of you are aware I’m an advocate for healthy self-esteem, body confidence and overall positive well-being. This blog was created to inspire others to create a life that feels good on the inside, because I struggled with very low self-worth, self-esteem, and my mental well-being as a child/adolescent wasn’t healthy.

After I had my first daughter I knew deep down I had to do the inner work to feel good within, so I could be a positive role model to her. Today, I have three beautiful daughters, and although I am far more confident now than I  was at their age, and I try my hardest to model this positive self-esteem and body confidence to them, I still, at the end of the day worry for them.

In fact in today’s digital, media driven society the pressure on our girls to look, and act a certain way is more prevalent than ever.

Here are some facts, which I’ve shared in past blog posts, but I need to share again because they’re eye-opening, and above all, they’re scary. These are facts that make me worry for not only my girls, but every girl in today’s society.

 Over 50% of all girls say they wish they were someone else and more than 90% of 15-17 year old girls want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance

  • 9 out of 10 girls say they feel the pressure from the media to be thin
  • 50% of girls in grade 6 are on a diet while 36% of girls in grade 6 say they are self-confident – that number drops to 14% by age 10.
  • only 11% of girls age 16 are physically active enough to help their health.
  • Young girls are more afraid of becoming fat than they are of nuclear war, cancer or losing their parents.
  • Almost ½ a million girls have posted YouTube videos of themselves asking “Am I pretty or am I ugly”

If girls can realize their full potential, feel confident about who they are, and essentially feel good on the inside, hopefully these facts will decrease and our next generation of girls will grow up with  positive self-esteem, and body confidence that will last a lifetime!


“Morguard, one of North America’s major real estate and property management companies, has teamed up with Big Sisters of Canada to implement the BeYou campaign. This nation-wide interactive campaign is designed to provide young females better access to developmental tools that will help increase self-esteem, personal growth, self-worth and empower young women who are coming of age in a media and technology driven time.

There will be national initiatives bringing girls from all across Canada together to encourage each other to BeYou, as well as local ambassadors, workshops and events happening in each location catering specifically to young girls in that area to support the communities where Morguard properties operate.

Erin Cebula has been a fixture on Canadian TV since landing the coveted role of Community/Arts Reporter for BC’s #1 station in 2000. Her compassionate approach to entertainment reporting has graced the likes of Vancouver talk show Urban Rush, Canucks Pay-Per-View and HGTV Canada’s feel-good hit, Makeover Wish. Erin has been the West Coast Correspondent for Entertainment Tonight Canada since 2005, a gig that allows her to do what she does best – laugh, explore, and engage with the biggest names in entertainment. This former farm girl and undercover jock is also an active advocate for the BCSPCA, the Spokesperson for BC Children’s Hospital Lottery and the proud new Program Ambassador for #BeYou.”

These are the types of initiatives, that leave a lasting impression and I’m so proud to support the #BeYou programs!

If you have a daughter between the ages of 9-16 check out the #beyougirl event at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre on September 17th from 11am-4pm. There will be speakers, entertainment, prizes and above all, inspiration!



Website: https://beyougirl.ca/sevenoaks-shopping-centre/


Sevenoaks shopping centre is giving one of my lucky readers a $25.00 Gift Card & a copy of The Sparkle Handbook for girls.

Enter Here: https://promosimple.com/ps/a3dd

Confidence is beautiful, and helps everyone reach their full potential! Xx

Our annual trip to Summerland B.C in photos

Every Summer we pay a visit to Summerland B.C for a family getaway. My Aunt and Uncle have a beach cottage on the lake that we stay at. It’s a tradition for the kids and the one place they look forward to visiting each year. This year, we did some kayaking, dock jumping, hiking, ice cream eating, roasted marshmallows by the fire and… we had to stop by  Summerland Sweets, and Tickleberrys; it’s a must when we’re in Summerland!

Below is a wordless blog post of our trip because last year I simply had too many words to share. You can read it here if you need a reminder to focus on the things in life that truly matter❤

In short, our trip was very relaxing, and we all enjoyed some much-needed quality time together.






























If you haven’t  been to visit the quiet, beautiful town of Summerland, I highly recommend it!

My passion for writing began with a scribble

Writing is one of my passions. I can’t imagine my life without expressing my thoughts through the written word.


Writing my thoughts down began as a girl going through some difficult times. I needed an outlet, although I didn’t know at such a young age this is why I was putting pen to paper, cursive writing my thoughts and emotions down in a spiral notebook. My thoughts and emotions would flow to me faster than I could write them down.

In all honesty, reflecting back on how much I used to write on paper, makes me want to whip out a piece of paper now and write. I truly miss the way it felt to write an entire short story, or five pages of emotion on paper. It was a way to slow down and collect my thoughts, and feelings. Essentially, this also enabled the creativity I held within to emerge before me.

I recall my teachers often complimenting how beautiful my penmanship was. I took great pride in my handwriting. Needless to say, I was never great at drawing, but handwriting was my form of art.


Sadly, I don’t do this as often as I once did.

These days my pen to paper writing consists of making to-do and grocery lists, jotting down notes for an article, and signing my children’s school forms. Although I don’t write an entire rough draft for an article on paper anymore, I still love writing my lists on paper, and not on a digital device. In other words, writing lists, and using a paper calendar help me with my memory. In addition, when I jot down my thoughts on paper for articles, this helps immensely when I’m having writers block.



Furthermore, when my five-year-old sees me sitting at my laptop writing she  automatically gravitates towards the notebook I write my lists in. Putting pen to paper is simply a natural way for humans to explore, express and release their mental energy. When I look through my notebook after my youngest has her hands on it, I will admit, sometimes I feel annoyed because she scribbled in half the book!  However, I know how important her little scribbles are. In fact, her scribbles are her big ideas! Despite the fact her scribbles aren’t legible, these are her thoughts poured into my notebook, and one day, these thoughts will be her legible BIG ideas, feelings or works of beautiful art.



I’m not sure if my daughters will love writing as much as I do. However, I will continue to encourage them to write their thoughts down on paper. In fact, I urge my school age daughter to keep a journal to help her when she feels overwhelmed or anxious, because I know firsthand how healing writing in a journal is. I also encourage my daughter who is entering high school to take her notes on paper and not her laptop. Additionally, I encourage her to make lists on paper to help her stay on top of her studies. This will help her focus and stay organized (because we all know how distracting devices are, especially at the age of 13). In fact, my oldest daughters device hindered her school work during the last term of school. It became an ongoing distraction during study time! 



For this reason, I’m a huge advocate for Hilroy brands latest back-to-school campaign and messaging which emphasises; “Technology is great but your mind is greater.”

This campaign was inspired by the endless potential of pen and paper!  Hilroy created a TV spot that celebrates all of the amazing ideas you can start with a scribble! This year, Hilroy is making its debut on YouTube. The channel will feature different stories, demos, and did-you-know’s all designed to prove the different ideas that start on paper. These series of videos are called #scribblestories and they are quick interviews with people who brought their stories to life. These people could be artists, engineers, chefs, interior decorators pretty much anyone who’s got a story that started with a scribble.

You can check it out here: 


If you’re looking for back-to-school supplies for your school age, and high school children, Hilroy has some pretty trendy supplies for tech-savvy students. My high school daughter loves her new zip up binder which comes with a dry erase board, and a ton of pockets. My school age daughter is obsessed with the new notebooks you can colour on, and my youngest thinks the metallic pencil crayons are way too cool!


I hope the pen to paper never becomes obsolete. I still have letters I’ve written to myself, poems, old journals and short stories I wrote, tucked away in a keepsake box.  Every so often I pull the wrinkled pages of papers and old notebooks out and give them a read. They bring back some of my fondest memories.  These thoughts on paper are as memorable and important to me as a photograph. After all; my life’s thoughts on these papers are part of my life story and great stories start with a scribble.


Enter the Back to School contest below to win a Hilroy Back to School Kit (valued at $115)



Hilroy Back to School

This post is part of the yummymummyclub.ca and Hilroy #scribblestories sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.