Celebrate Human Rights Day on December 10th


Human rights- a right that is believed to belong justifiably to every person. As a blogger and digital influencer in the community, I often get sent press releases on local events, fundraisers and things that are going on in our city. I don’t always share every single press release I’m sent because sometimes it simply […]

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Holiday fun at Timberline Country Christmas


My BFF and our kids left the hustle and bustle in the city and took a trip out to the country for some quiet, intimate, holiday fun at Timberline Country Christmas  over the weekend.  Both of us have never been  to Timberline Ranch so when we arrived  we were in for a surprise. It felt like we […]

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5 of the best things in Victoria according to my five-year-old


The other day I asked my youngest daughter if she could travel anywhere ( I was asking because we have a special family Christmas surprise trip coming up and I wanted to see if her answer would be where we are headed.) And to my absolute surprise, her response was Victoria! My middle daughter said Hawaii, and our […]

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Give a girl a positive mentor this Giving Tuesday!


The spirit of giving, that’s what the holiday season is all about. This Giving Tuesday, why not give a girl a positive Big Sister mentor? It’s proven. The impacts of mentoring last a lifetime. From improvements in school performance and higher career achievements to stronger relationships and increased self-esteem, mentoring changes lives. Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland is committed to […]

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Life Lessons from raising a strong-willed daughter


Everything that drives me crazy about having a strong-willed daughter also makes me equally happy. I know it may sound crazy when I say this challenging behavior makes me happy because in the heat of the moment I honestly just want to rip out my hair! However, when I reflect on the things that challenge […]

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Win tickets to Enchant, the Worlds largest Christmas light maze!


One of our favorite Christmas traditions to do with the family during the holidays is to grab a cup of warm cocoa and check out Christmas lights. Some families like to bake during the holidays, others like to craft, and some families love to  walk around with some hot cocoa in hand, and look at […]

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Is screen time affecting my children’s eyes?


When my first daughter was a baby, almost 14 years ago, I would sit her in her bouncer seat, and play Baby Einstein DVD’s. It was my saving grace! If I wanted to get anything done, I knew that if I played her these DVD’s  she would chill out and immerse herself in the classical […]

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Curl up on the sofa with the family and be the first to Find Dory on Telus Optik


Over the weekend, we had a very fun surprise arrive at our door from our friends at Telus. My girls ripped open the package with hurried excitement, and to their surprise, inside the package was a ton of Finding Dory swag courtesy of Disney which  included  baseball hats, a beach tote, stickers, a notebook, beach ball, […]

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Fill a shoebox and help a child in need this Christmas


During the  holiday season, I look for ways I can teach my children the importance of giving back. I try to emphasize this all year, however, during the Christmas season when my  children can get extremely absorbed in what gifts they would like to add to their wish list, I make an effort to remind […]

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