My passion for writing began with a scribble

Writing is one of my passions. I can’t imagine my life without expressing my thoughts through the written word.


Writing my thoughts down began as a girl going through some difficult times. I needed an outlet, although I didn’t know at such a young age this is why I was putting pen to paper, cursive writing my thoughts and emotions down in a spiral notebook. My thoughts and emotions would flow to me faster than I could write them down.

In all honesty, reflecting back on how much I used to write on paper, makes me want to whip out a piece of paper now and write. I truly miss the way it felt to write an entire short story, or five pages of emotion on paper. It was a way to slow down and collect my thoughts, and feelings. Essentially, this also enabled the creativity I held within to emerge before me.

I recall my teachers often complimenting how beautiful my penmanship was. I took great pride in my handwriting. Needless to say, I was never great at drawing, but handwriting was my form of art.


Sadly, I don’t do this as often as I once did.

These days my pen to paper writing consists of making to-do and grocery lists, jotting down notes for an article, and signing my children’s school forms. Although I don’t write an entire rough draft for an article on paper anymore, I still love writing my lists on paper, and not on a digital device. In other words, writing lists, and using a paper calendar help me with my memory. In addition, when I jot down my thoughts on paper for articles, this helps immensely when I’m having writers block.



Furthermore, when my five-year-old sees me sitting at my laptop writing she  automatically gravitates towards the notebook I write my lists in. Putting pen to paper is simply a natural way for humans to explore, express and release their mental energy. When I look through my notebook after my youngest has her hands on it, I will admit, sometimes I feel annoyed because she scribbled in half the book!  However, I know how important her little scribbles are. In fact, her scribbles are her big ideas! Despite the fact her scribbles aren’t legible, these are her thoughts poured into my notebook, and one day, these thoughts will be her legible BIG ideas, feelings or works of beautiful art.



I’m not sure if my daughters will love writing as much as I do. However, I will continue to encourage them to write their thoughts down on paper. In fact, I urge my school age daughter to keep a journal to help her when she feels overwhelmed or anxious, because I know firsthand how healing writing in a journal is. I also encourage my daughter who is entering high school to take her notes on paper and not her laptop. Additionally, I encourage her to make lists on paper to help her stay on top of her studies. This will help her focus and stay organized (because we all know how distracting devices are, especially at the age of 13). In fact, my oldest daughters device hindered her school work during the last term of school. It became an ongoing distraction during study time! 



For this reason, I’m a huge advocate for Hilroy brands latest back-to-school campaign and messaging which emphasises; “Technology is great but your mind is greater.”

This campaign was inspired by the endless potential of pen and paper!  Hilroy created a TV spot that celebrates all of the amazing ideas you can start with a scribble! This year, Hilroy is making its debut on YouTube. The channel will feature different stories, demos, and did-you-know’s all designed to prove the different ideas that start on paper. These series of videos are called #scribblestories and they are quick interviews with people who brought their stories to life. These people could be artists, engineers, chefs, interior decorators pretty much anyone who’s got a story that started with a scribble.

You can check it out here:

If you’re looking for back-to-school supplies for your school age, and high school children, Hilroy has some pretty trendy supplies for tech-savvy students. My high school daughter loves her new zip up binder which comes with a dry erase board, and a ton of pockets. My school age daughter is obsessed with the new notebooks you can colour on, and my youngest thinks the metallic pencil crayons are way too cool!


I hope the pen to paper never becomes obsolete. I still have letters I’ve written to myself, poems, old journals and short stories I wrote, tucked away in a keepsake box.  Every so often I pull the wrinkled pages of papers and old notebooks out and give them a read. They bring back some of my fondest memories.  These thoughts on paper are as memorable and important to me as a photograph. After all; my life’s thoughts on these papers are part of my life story and great stories start with a scribble.


Enter the Back to School contest below to win a Hilroy Back to School Kit (valued at $115)



Hilroy Back to School

This post is part of the and Hilroy #scribblestories sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.

Keeping your space calm and cozy-my guest blog for La-z-Boy Vancouver

When you come home from a busy day at work, does your space evoke serene, and calm feelings or does it evoke feelings of tension, and anxiousness? If your home is provoking negative feelings, this is a sign that you aren’t feeling connected to your living space. When we feel connected to the space we live in, it truly helps us empower our lives. In other words, our homes should be the place we can kick our feet up, relax, recharge and forget about the stress that is inevitable from the outside world.
Unfortunately, not everyone feels recharged, and relaxed when they’re in their home. A cluttered home is usually the cause of unconscious mental stress.

If you’re feeling like your space is lacking organization, and depleting you, I share some tips on how to keep your home calm, organized, peaceful, and serene on the La-Z-boy Vancouver Lifestyle Meets Comfort Blog.

You can heck it out here.


Here are some photos of my home I included in the guest blog. I hope the tips I included help you stay connected to your living space!

How does your living space make you feel on the inside?

IMG_8421 (1) IMG_9079

IMG_8423 (2)












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My three weeks of healthy food delivery from Eat Your Cake

I’m just going to begin this post by telling you; I’m terrible at feeding myself! I can’t seem to consistently eat three meals, and two snacks a day. To begin, I’m not a big breakfast person, (unless a black coffee counts as breakfast). And, I just plain suck at remembering to get my butt of the computer to eat something, especially when I’m caught up in writing, cleaning, or just being a mom!  This however, is terrible for my already low metabolism (from my thyroid disease!) Oftentimes forgetting to eat through out the day, results in me eating later in the day. I end up snacking on not-s0-healthy food or whatever is in my face, and it’s usually late at night.

In the past I was  great at prepping my meals, and making sure I always had healthy snacks on hand. I ate three meals, and two snacks a day. I  drank plenty of water and felt the best I’ve ever felt. And then… I don’t know. I guess I became busier. My discipline kind of went out the window, and I got stuck in an unhealthy eating rut. I mean, I wasn’t eating fast food all day. I just wasn’t nurturing my body with whole, nutritious foods.

I knew I needed to make some changes.

For this reason, I started exercising regularly, drinking water with lemon, and making healthy green smoothies again. I was feeling great! I would make salmon, brown rice and steamed veggies, and then some nights I would have chicken breast, and veggies. Nevertheless, I was on the path to feeling great again, and then sadly, despite all these efforts, I  ended up binging on not-so-healthy foods by the end of the week, which would result in feelings of guilt, and defeat. I felt like a failure.

Why was I making sure my kids were fed properly through out the day, but neglecting myself?

I came to the realization that the food I was making was making it very hard for me to love eating healthy. It was hard for me to continue eating the same old, bland foods for dinner day in and day out. In other words, I would get sick and tired of the food I was making (when I made the time to actually feed myself) and eat the first carbs in sight, like a bagel or croissant! In fact, heading out to my evening events, drinking wine, and eating yummy appetizers wasn`t helping either!

After talking with my friend Salma blogger at The Write Balance, who was having similar feelings surrounding staying on track with eating healthy, we decided try Eat Your Cake Healthy Meal Delivery service.


For three weeks the two of us  were provided with three fresh, organic daily meals and snacks delivered to us twice a week.  My meal plan was tailored specifically to my health, allergy and food preferences after seeing one of their registered nutritionists. The nutritionist went over our health goals and preferences with us before our meal delivery began.

IMG_7249 IMG_6660


Below I’ve listed  10 things I love about Eat Your Cake meal delivery:

  1. The convenience -I can not tell you enough how amazing it was to just open my fridge, and see containers of fresh, organic healthy food ready to eat!
  2. The variety of recipes-The variety of food was immense! I had salmon, stew, beef pho, veggie kimchi salad, frittatas, stir fry, and more!
  3. The freshness -everything was super fresh! In all honesty,  I was reluctant to eat food that’s been sitting, but, it was all very fresh!
  4. The family meals-Once a week we were provided with family meals so my family could have a taste of the type of food I was eating. It was very nice to sit with the family eating the same dinner with them from Eat Your Cake, as opposed to me always having a separate dinner.
  5. The desserts -I was so stunned when I read the ingredients of some of the desserts! I had NO idea you could have yummy desserts made from black beans!
  6. The containers- I will definitely be re-using the containers Eat your Cake provided the meals in. I also found they were easy to pack to go!
  7. The labels with the ingredients– I love how the labels on the food had the ingredients from each meal. I saved some and will definitely be replicating some of them.
  8. The menu to follow-It was very nice to receive a weekly menu with my meals to follow, along with some after dinner healthy snacking ideas.
  9.  It’s delivered to your door– This was the best part! Meals that came directly to my door!
  10. Did I mention the convenience?!?!?! – Yes, I will mention this one last time, it was SO convenient!!!!

IMG_8375 (1) IMG_6691

After a week of healthy eating with Eat Your Cake, I could feel a difference in the way I felt. I had more energy, and it helped me avoid other foods I would normally eat. It was a great way to kick-start eating healthy again! If I was busy with the kids, working etc., I knew I wouldn’t neglect feeding myself like I normally do, because the food was already prepared for me.

IMG_6938 IMG_6673

Below is a list of some of the meals from my diverse plan:

Paleo breakfast burger, Tropical fruit and nut curry, Cashew orange chicken, coconut fish curry, moroccan cucumber bulgar salad, pho beef noodle soup, Hunter stew, salmon with black bean & corn salsa, chicken cordon bleu, apple fritters, peanut butter enery balls, black bean spaghetti, thai spring rolls, chicken salad & more!

I did however, find it challenging some days to stick to my plan. I think  because it’s summer and we’ve been out and about a lot. Some days, I would forget to bring my meals and the temptation to eat other food(and sometimes not- so -healthy stuff )was strong. In all honesty, I was disciplined with sticking to the meal plan some days, and other days; not so much. But hey, I’m only human!

Eat your Cake has taught me how important having meals already prepped is! I will be re-using their containers and try to do a weekly prep for the family so I can continue to eat consistently healthy with the odd cheat day here and there😉

If you’ve thought of trying out a meal delivery service, Eat Your Cake will tailor your meal plans specifically to you and they offer a very diverse menu!

All in all, this experience has taught me to put myself first!

Do you struggle with healthy eating or eating consistently? If so, perhaps a meal delivery service can help you with your eating & health goals.


Thank you to Eat Your Cake for providing me with healthy, organic, fresh meals!❤

About Eat Your Cake 

Eat Your Cake!

Eat Your Cake meal plans are the most affordable, convenient way of getting real, healthy food delivered to your home or office on a regular basis all without having to spend time and money cooking or shopping. Plus you get the added advantage of having your own gourmet, organic chef and nutritionist work with you, with customizable packages to fit any budget. Think of it! You get to eat better, lose weight, get fitter, and enjoy delicious meals while saving time, effort and gas!

Paleo, Raw Vegan, Vegetarian, and regular ol’ Meat-and-Potatoes options  are available!




Nettle`s Tale Swimwear is thoughtfully designed and celebrates you!

I’ve gained weight. I’ve lost weight. I’ve gained weight again. I’ve lost it.  What seems like the most freeing feeling in the world however, is the feeling of  finally coming to terms with the fact that I’m not my weight! Yes, I’m larger than I was when I was younger, but, oh my goodness, I am far more confident than I ever was when I was skinnier. In fact, when I was younger, I wouldn’t dare post a photo of myself in a swimsuit because I constantly thought I looked fat. Sadly, (as vain as that may sound), it’s the truth.

This is what insecurities and society`s body-shaming messages can do to a person. They make you want to hide yourself. They make you think you aren’t worthy of sharing a photo in a swimsuit, and even worse; they make you feel like you don’t belong in a swimsuit. 


  • According to the National Eating Disorders Association, 42 percent of first to third-grade girls want to lose weight, and 81 percent of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat.
  • According to a study in Pediatrics, about two-thirds of girls in the 5th to 12th grades said that magazine images influence their vision of an ideal body, and about half of the girls said the images made them want to lose weight.
  • By adolescence, studies show that young people are receiving an estimated 5,260 “attractiveness messages” per year from network television commercials alone.
  • According to Teen magazine, 35 percent of girls ages 6 to 12 have been on at least one diet, and 50 to 70 percent of normal-weight girls think they are overweight. (Source:)

I’ve written about body image many times on this blog, and that’s because the struggle’s been real. The ongoing battle of never feeling skinny enough finally came to an end when I stopped giving a shit about how others view me and began to care merely on how I view myself. Having daughters also helped me change my perception about my body. I knew I had to “fake it till I made it” so I could model body confidence to my girls.

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Immerse yourself in MIRAGE-a virtual experience at Metropolis at Metrotown

Last week, my family and I had the pleasure of walking through the new Summer virtual experience “MIRAGE” at Metropolis at Metrotown. This visual, audio, and digital experience is absolutely mesmerizing!

The MIRAGE experience is 2-minutes full of colorful, state of the art projection technology, with a mirrored ceiling and floor. Once we entered we stood on a walkway bridge and immersed ourselves in the virtual tour.

This is something my daughters and I have never experienced before. My middle daughter was in awe when she saw her favorite color turquoise splash through the screen, and my eldest daughter had her phone out the entire time so she could capture the experience to share. The reason she felt so compelled to share is because when you share your experience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat and tag @MetropolisatMet using the hashtag #METMIRAGE  you can win a $1000 shopping spree!! And, who doesn’t want to win a shopping spree!!?!

This experience is suitable for all ages. That said, the next time you’re in the mall for some shopping, check out this captivating tour and you could  win a $1000 shopping spree; just for sharing! (The contest runs until September 5th.)

I love experiencing things for the first time with my family. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 2 hour  3D film or a 2-minute walkthrough like the MIRAGE virtual tour. We will always remember the time we immersed ourselves in the cool, stimulating virtual tour at Metropolis at Metrotown.

13556954_1194161313949193_853889017_n IMG_6234

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5 reasons why you should attend a WNorth Connect event

“Studies show that connecting and networking with others is good for our well-being.” Words, Jen Schaeffers of Networking in Van spoke at the WNorth Connect over Cocktails event last week.


Seeing as I’m an extrovert, I laughed and said to the person next to me, “The next time my husband says, you’re going to another event? I’m going to tell him it’s good for my mental health! How can you argue with that?”

Seriously though… how can you argue with that?

 “Connection is why we’re here. It gives purpose and meaning to our lives.” -Brene Brown


Heather Odendaal, of WNORTH Conference and Jen Schaeffers of Networking in Vancouver  hosted  a summer kick-off event on the new and hottest Rooftop garden utopia – Roof Garten. The event featured delectable canapés, artisanal cocktails and some incredible prizes! It was such an honor attending such a fun event presented by McQuarrie Hunter LLP and sponsored by YYOGA, Saje Natural Wellness, withinUs TruMarine Collagen, Project Skin MD, Roof Garten, and Bluebird Strategy.


connectovercocktails095 connectovercocktails048 connectovercocktails028

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Speaking my truth in an upcoming documentary: I heart Bullies

IMG_5487 (1)

Sometimes you simply have to speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.

But, what is your truth?

Your truth is what you stand for, your values, boundaries, what you’re aspiring to become and most importantly; your authenticity.

This is something I didn’t fully quite grasp until the other day when I was in a vulnerable position. I mean, I know what speaking your truth entails. It entails staying true to yourself even if that means getting uncomfortable. The kind of uncomfortable that makes you feel shaky; on the inside. The kind of uncomfortable that leaves you with pangs of anxiousness, and fear. It’s just so much easier to talk about than it is to actually do it.

Speaking your truth is scary as %@#%! It’s scarier than watching a horror movie at night alone in your empty house and then thinking someone is going to stab you in your sleep. O.k. well, that’s my kind of fear, but you know what I mean. It’s the kind of thing that makes you question why you would feel the need to speak it anyhow.

The thing is, speaking my truth isn’t about a strong opinion I have or the need to be right. It’s truly about embracing who I really am, and it takes courage to embrace who we really are. When we don’t speak and live our truth we compromise our ability to reach our full potential.

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