Do Less & Live with Less so I can focus more: My guiding words for 2017


Making resolutions can oftentimes lead to disappointment, especially if the resolution is unrealistic. For this reason, I’m setting intentions rather than resolutions again for 2017. One of my biggest intentions for last year was to do less and focus more. Unfortunately, last year I spent a great amount of time ‘doing’ (again)! I became so busy […]

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Our Disneyland Holiday Vacation


This Christmas my husband and I decided to break our Christmas traditions. Instead of buying the kids a bunch of stuff my parents and husband and I surprised the girls with a family vacation to the happiest place on earth; Disneyland! My gut was a bit worried that the girls may be disappointed that we […]

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Last-minute gift guide from Styling The Inside


Ok folks, the countdown is officially on. We are less than two weeks away from Christmas!! EEK! For those of you who are last-minute people (like me), I’ve created a last-minute gift guide to help take some stress and anxiety off your shoulders during the anxiety-inducing countdown to Christmas. I know first-hand it feels extremely relieving […]

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Enter to win a $100 gift card to Metropolis at Metrotown


Tis the season of giving! The malls are packed with shoppers. The parking lots are full. And people are scurrying around trying to find gifts for their family and friends. The hustle and bustle can make shopping during the holiday season very stressful. However, are we putting this stress on ourselves? Did you know that during […]

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Celebrate Human Rights Day on December 10th


Human rights- a right that is believed to belong justifiably to every person. As a blogger and digital influencer in the community, I often get sent press releases on local events, fundraisers and things that are going on in our city. I don’t always share every single press release I’m sent because sometimes it simply […]

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Holiday fun at Timberline Country Christmas


My BFF and our kids left the hustle and bustle in the city and took a trip out to the country for some quiet, intimate, holiday fun at Timberline Country Christmas  over the weekend.  Both of us have never been  to Timberline Ranch so when we arrived  we were in for a surprise. It felt like we […]

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5 of the best things in Victoria according to my five-year-old


The other day I asked my youngest daughter if she could travel anywhere ( I was asking because we have a special family Christmas surprise trip coming up and I wanted to see if her answer would be where we are headed.) And to my absolute surprise, her response was Victoria! My middle daughter said Hawaii, and our […]

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Give a girl a positive mentor this Giving Tuesday!


The spirit of giving, that’s what the holiday season is all about. This Giving Tuesday, why not give a girl a positive Big Sister mentor? It’s proven. The impacts of mentoring last a lifetime. From improvements in school performance and higher career achievements to stronger relationships and increased self-esteem, mentoring changes lives. Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland is committed to […]

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Life Lessons from raising a strong-willed daughter


Everything that drives me crazy about having a strong-willed daughter also makes me equally happy. I know it may sound crazy when I say this challenging behavior makes me happy because in the heat of the moment I honestly just want to rip out my hair! However, when I reflect on the things that challenge […]

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