Doing the best we can during a global pandemic

I’m not sure what to say during a global pandemic. Collectively we’re all going through this “together” but this is also traumatic. And through this collective trauma, each of us is operating from our own personal lens. In other words, we’re all navigating this in our own unique way and no one really knows how to deal with the heaviness of it all. This feels similar to grief and everyone handles grief differently.

I’m doing the best I can and doing my best is going to look different from your best. I’m navigating this from a PRIVILEGED lens and right now at this moment my best is feeling grateful and connected with my family but some days my best is letting them sleep in (when I should be homeschooling) because I miss alone time and I feel irritable. And I have to be gentle with myself and remind myself that even though I’m privileged these feelings are also valid.

Maybe your best is doing an online workout or baking bread or sharing funny memes or making TikToks or watching all the things or eating all the snacks. Maybe your best is keeping busy and productive and getting dressed every day and having a routine. Maybe your best is sitting in silence, slowing down, and taking this time for deep introspection. Or maybe your best is crying in the bathtub and wishing this would all end. Maybe your best is working on the frontlines and you’re tired but the act of service brings you contentment and this keeps you going. And maybe your best is simply surviving!

At the end of the day, we’re all having a response to this and there’s no right or wrong to respond.

I wasn’t sure what to say today but the word I hope you’ll take away from this post while navigating these uncertain times is…RESILIENCE. You, my friends, are resilient! And maybe… just maybe… it’s our collective inner strength that will get us through this ❤️🌈.

Let’s stay strong, safe and most importantly, let’s stay connected. 

PS. I love how my friends at TELUS are spreading these positive vibes. Help inspire others using the hashtag #Staystrongstayconnected and share how you’re staying connected during these unprecedented times.

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