Our family room makeover helped us feel more connection in our home

Our family room makeover helped us feel more connection in our home and I’m so excited to finally share how we “styled the inside” of our family room with the help of La-Z-Boy’s FREE design service!

If you missed my last blog post I shared why we wanted to give a space in our home a room makeover, and how we began the process of transforming the space from playroom (no one was playing in) to a family room, we could cozy up and create new memories in.

In four simple steps, I received guidance from expert designers. You can check out the post here.


This is what our playroom/family room looked like before the room makeover with the help of La-Z-Boy’s expert designers. We were all feeling very disconnected from this living space. Simply put, it wasn’t sparking joy and it wasn’t really being used.


We LOVEEEEEE the way the room turned out!


Roundabout Ottoman with custom print

The ottoman has a custom fabric that the designers helped me choose, and it even has wheels! I love that we can use the roundabout ottoman as a table for the girls to play games on, or it can be used as an extra seat, and then… we can wheel it back over to the corner to free up some space.

Edie Sofa

The designers helped me choose the perfect reclining seating so we can cozy up and watch movies with the added bonus of automatic reclining with just the touch of a button! The button to recline is on the sides of the Edie sofa and half a half chair. Best of all, because the room isn’t very big we didn’t have to compromise space with this particular sofa because we can have it sit right against the wall. The fabric on the sofas is made with La-Z-Boy’s iClean, an innovative technology that surrounds each fiber, creating a barrier of protection that repels spills before they turn into stains! Perfect for our messy family hehe.


Edie chair and a half & Side table 

We were so happy with the size of the Edie Chair. This chair and a half fits two people so when all of the seating is in recline mode, all five of us fit so comfortably! Both sofas also have a charger on each side. The girls love that they can charge their phones, ipads, and laptops while they sit and relax. In addition, the side table provides a spot for us to place our drinks, books, phones, and snacks. It’s a great addition to the room, and we love that we can slide the bottom of the table under the chair and use the top as a table.

The custom geometric pillow design is an added touch, I really appreciate. I have a thing for cushions, and although it was very hard to choose one because La-Z-Boy has SO many to choose from, I’m happy with the choice the designers helped me make.

Last but not least, we love how the beautiful rug ties the room together. It is SO soft and the neutral tones blend with the accents in the ottoman and the rest of the prints in the room.

*Additional items in the room not mentioned are from outside sources

All in all, before the room makeover, it felt like our home was missing something, but now it feels complete! I was beginning to worry our girls were drifting apart because they were hanging out in separate rooms but now my worry has dissipated. The pieces in the room from La-Z-Boy brought our girls together and for that, I’m thankful.

The feeling I get when I see my daughters bond and connect, whether they’re playing a board game or watching a movie feels so good.. on the inside. 

Check out the video below to see the family room makeover with La-Z-Boy from start to finish:


If you’re looking to feel more connected to a living space in your home, check out La-Z-Boy’s free in-house design service and… enter to win a $500 giveaway from La-Z-Boy Vancouver on my Instagram page!!

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*This room makeover was written in partnership with La-Z-Boy Vancouver 



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