Styling the inside of our home with the help of La-Z-Boy Furniture and Designs free design service

The word home has resonated with me this past year. In fact, this word resonates on so many levels and in so many aspects of my life. Last year we sold our home. After living with my parents for five years we all decided it would be best for everyone to live in separate homes.   I’m grateful for the memories we shared while living together and the time our children had with their grandparents, but I know this was the best decision. It’s been almost a year now since we’ve been in our own space. I feel not only at home in our new home, but I’m really feeling more at home within. In other words, the word home gives to me conveys safety, a sense of calm, and a feeling of connection within.

I know when we lived in our old space there were times when I felt very disconnected. Some days it didn’t feel like home and this would, in fact, cause feelings of anxiety. Now that we’re in our new space (although it is temporary), it felt important to me, to create a space that feels good… on the inside!

When we feel connected to the space we live in, it truly helps us empower our lives

For this reason, I spent some time cultivating a calm, cozy and overall sense of pleasant comfort in our living room. I love staring at the living room while I work from the dining room table. It exudes feelings of contentment. I know first-hand how important this is for my mental well-being, and this feeling reminded me of the importance of feeling connected to our living space.

As much as I was feeling connected to our living room space, I was beginning to feel like the girls weren’t feeling a sense of home and connection in the play/family room. It just wasn’t (as Marie Kondo would say), sparking joy for everyone.

The room became a place where we dumped our clean laundry for folding. It was also a storage room for our youngest daughter’s toys (she rarely played with). Needless to say, the room basically became a place to store our random belongings. No one was watching the television, and I noticed my older daughters were spending more time chilling in their bedrooms. With the older girls being teenagers and our youngest transitioning out of playing with so many toys, a dedicated playroom wasn’t fitting our family’s needs any longer. That being said,  I wanted to create a space in the home they felt they could chill out in, together, and even with their friends!

In order to nurture a sense of home for the girls and make it a cozy family room, we thought perhaps this room was in need of some comfy seating. In fact, the girls did mention they weren’t hanging out in this space because there wasn’t anywhere for them to sit.

With the help of La-Z-Boy’s home furnishings free design services from expert designers, we began the process of transforming the space from playroom (no one was playing in) to a family room, we could cozy up and create new memories in.

In four simple steps, I received guidance from expert designers!


Whether you want a complete room transformation or just need a little advice, the design experts can help. Work with a professional in-store, or schedule a free consultation and they will come right to you.


After the in-house consultation, I was provided with in-store thoughts and feedback down to the very last detail.


After collaborating with me on project ideas and budget, I received a customized design plan so I could visualize the finished space.


The designers handled every detail, from overseeing the white-glove delivery and placement of our furniture and they even helped me with some styling and accessorizing.


La-Z-Boy’s free design service helped eliminate the overwhelm I was feeling when it came to choosing functional and comfortable seating for our family room. We’re so happy with the design plan, and I cannot wait to show you how we styled the inside of our home with the help of expert designers.


Stay tuned for the full reveal, and for an upcoming giveaway with La-Z-Boy on my Instagram.



*This post was written in partnership with La-Z-Boy









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