Help your child build confidence and celebrate the back to school season at the most epic #confi-DANCE party!

This spring my daughter had the most epic dance birthday party thanks to Rock ‘N’ Beau host; Rachel Beau.

My daughter, Charley loved her birthday party so much, she asked if she can have Rachel as her party dance host every year!

I wrote about her epic dance party on my Instagram page. This post also includes some video footage where you can see Rachel in action with the children.

Check it out below:

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Charley: “Can I have Rachel from @rocknbeauparty come to my birthday every year? She’s SO awesome!” Me: “I want her at my birthday every year tooo!” Seriously, she exudes so much positivity, love and light. She has the most amazing energy, and the ability to make children of all ages dance their hearts out. Rachel entertained the children with her non-stop fun energy and cheer for two hours straight with dancing, bubbles, games, prizes, glitter paint, and more. I have been a parent for sixteen years (I’ve been to a lot of birthday parties) and Rachel from @rocknbeauparty is hands down the best most epic dance party host I’ve ever seen!! If you’re looking for a birthday party idea for your kiddos I highly recommend @rocknbeauparty 🙌🏻🥳💃🏻 We don’t throw birthday parties for our kids every year, but Charley’s been asking to have @rachel3eau from @rocknbeauparty since she saw her at a friends birthday party a few years ago. Needless to say, she had the best time and we’re glad we decided to throw our third child a bday party this year. 😆 #thirdchild #stylingtheinsidepartner #danceparty #kidspartyideas. . . . . . . #partythemes #videodanceparty #partyparty #birthdaygirl

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As you can see from that post, I LOVE Rachel from Rock ‘N’ Beau especially because she helps children build confidence while being creative and having fun. Essentially, she’s helping children style the inside of their lives through music and movement.

If you’re looking for a place for your child to build their confidence while moving and grooving and simply having fun, Rachel is hosting her first Rock ‘N’ Beau #Confi-DANCE Party for children ages 5-12 (caregivers and siblings are welcome) September 28th from 5:30-7:30 pm.

The #Confi-DANCE party is aimed towards pro inclusion and building self-confidence for back to school season!

“I was bullied really badly when I was a kid for my birthmark and I remember how scary School was. I may be able to reach at least one child who really needs to be uplifted and told they are awesome! Maybe even a Mom out there needs to let go and feel good about herself too. That’s the real goal.”-Rachel Beau

Kids can sing their hearts out, bust out their best dance moves and have FUN celebrating life in the moment.

A double dose of self confi-DANCE can go a long way easing into a fresh new year.

The event includes a photo booth, tasty treats, and a dance party with the most epic party/dance host: Rachel Beau.

Best of all parets are free! Hehe

For more information and to purchase tickets to this family-friendly event visit: Rock’n’ / Eventbrite 



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