G Day- The “Village” it takes to raise a child


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending G Day with my daughter and her friend. If you’re unfamiliar with G Day events they are designed to inspire positive self-esteem and supportive family and community relationships during the key phase in life when girls are entering adolescence.


 “G Day is designed to build girls’ self-esteem, as well as compassion and respect for other girls,” says G Day Founder Madeleine Shaw “Taking time to honour key life transitions in-person is a profound experience that is increasingly precious in today’s rapid-fire, screen-filled world. Entering their tween years, girls inhabit an increasingly sexualized, socially competitive landscape that can undermine their self-confidence and make them more vulnerable to destructive influences and behaviours as they enter their teenage years.”

I know for myself this was as an extremely hard age for me to navigate. For this reason, I was so excited to see a movement specially designed for girls at this phase in life!

Rather than seeing this as a dreadful time for girls and their caregivers, G Day’s mission is to help girls celebrate how special this time in their life is. The intention behind G Day is to foster healthy, supportive relationships and communication, inclusion, sisterhood, compassion, empathy, respect, diversity, community and more.

During the event, I definitely felt each of the things I listed above, especially the feeling of community. You know that “village it takes to raise a child” that’s what G Day feels like! It’s like a modern day village where girls can come together to celebrate their uniqueness and coming of age and where parents, caregivers, and champions can learn ways to support the girls during this special time in their lives.

When I attended the inaugural G Day event in 2014 it was solely for the girls. Today, G Day events include a component for champions (caregivers, parents, teachers, etc) to participate in. It has truly been inspiring to see the growth of this empowering day-long event.


Since the first G Day launched in 2014, over 1,300 girls and 700 adults have attended across five Canadian cities.   In addition to inspiring speakers and interactive activities addressing topics including leadership, positive self-esteem and body image, the day includes a multitude of diverse, fun, creative activities. The girls are encouraged to sing together, create art and share stories and experiences in both small as well as larger groups. G Day also features dance, martial arts or other forms of movement.  A key aspect of G Day’s evolution is its inclusion of parents and supportive adults who learn from experts about parenting and relationship issues.

G Day Vancouver’s presenter lineup included several well-known local personalities including:

Tamara Taggart, Broadcaster, Activist, Philanthropist and nomination candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in Vancouver-Kingsway

Jocelyn MacDougall, Community Convener, Activist and Singer

Michelle Wilson, Transgender Rights, and Inclusion Advocate

I thoroughly enjoyed attending this year’s G Day with my middle daughter who is now reaching adolescence. I laughed. I cried. I danced. I sang. And… most importantly, I felt empowered as a caregiver/champion to continue to support not only my daughters but girls and their champions everywhere!

All in all, I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to spend the day at G Day. I will definitely be going back in a few years when my youngest daughter is old enough to attend.

You can read about the first time I attended a G DAY event with my daughter here. I also contributed a story to the G DAY blog. You can read it here. 


Learn more about how you can Support G Day

G Day is a project of the United Girls of the World Society, a CRA-registered charity that is generously financed through a combination of sponsorship, ticket sales and donations. We are growing our movement to have G Day events in as many cities and countries as possible and would love to get your help in making it happen!

You can also support G Day by attending their latest event- Simply Smashing.

What would you like to smash?

Glass ceilings, self-doubt, gender stereotypes, or perhaps just some dishes?

Whatever tickles your smash-fantasy, G Day hopes that you’ll bring it to Simply Smashing, an UnGala in support of G Day, on Saturday June 1 at The Pace in Vancouver!

Grab a ticket!

G Day’s goal is to launch an online leadership program in 2020 that will enable the organization to scale beyond the 5 Canadian cities where G Day has taken place 10 times and welcomed over 2,000 people.

Let’s do this!

Raise money for a fantastic cause AND smash stuff: what could be better?

Click here to get tickets and for more information about this upcoming event!

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