Improve a child’s life with just the click of a button


If you could improve a child’s life with just the click of a button, would you do it?

From now until June 2, you can help deliver bicycles to students living in rural Ghana, simply by visiting and creating virtual bike parts, daily. For every 100 virtual bike parts created, one bike will be delivered to a child in Ghana.

But why bikes?

For students in rural Ghana – Cadbury’s primary source for cocoa – the school commute is one of the biggest barriers to receiving an education due to limited means of transportation. Since 2008, the Cadbury Bicycle Factory has inspired Canadians to build and deliver 31,000 bikes, which have turned these long, unbearable walks to school into shorter rides. By reducing the commute time, students are able to attend class on time, have more energy and reach new heights in education.

Cadbury Canada would like to send an additional 1,000 bikes to kids with your help.

For more information on how you can ‘Help the Good go Round’ visit:


*This post was written in partnership with Cadbury Canada

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