I met my Vancouver Sun Run goal with the help of a personal trainer from Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness

I met my Vancouver Sun Run goal!

But first, I just want to say:

Running is my jam.

It’s my therapy.

It’s my meditation.

And it’s truly helped me style the inside of my life.

In the past, I loved running. I even participated in a half-marathon about five years ago. Sadly, somewhere along the way, I lost my mojo for running. However, participating in the Vancouver Sun Run last year with the help of some personal training sessions at Club16 brought my mojo for running back to life. And for that… I’m thankful.

The truth is, it has taken me a long time to call myself a runner, but I’m at the point in my life where I can confidently say this now.

I believe the confidence to call myself a runner came from having a personal trainer at Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness. In the past, I was always kind of afraid to have a trainer. It was kind of the same fear as asking for help. But now I know that having a trainer, mentor, accountability partner, etc, make the journey to meeting our goals so much easier.

Last year when I  participated in the Vancouver Sun Run for the very first time with the help of a personal trainer at Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness it felt incredible.  I only trained for two weeks leading up to the run, so my ultimate goal was to cross the line. I didn’t have a goal time in mind.

You can read about how I felt after participating in the Vancouver Sun Run last year in this Instagram post below:


When Spring rolled around this year, I felt confident and ready to take part in the Vancouver Sun Run again, but this time, with a running goal. My goal was to complete the run in one hour.

Last year I completed the run with a time of 1:13. This year, I decided I wanted to push myself and with the help of Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness, I felt confident I could make it happen.

My Sun Run Training Plan

This year my training plan for the Sun Run was completely different from the training plan last year. My trainer Alex decided to skip through the initial assessment we did last year and instead, he created a strength training plan to help me with my running goal.

The training plan included a mix of core and leg training one day per week for one hour, and three runs per week (two short and one long).

This year we had a few more personal training sessions than we did last year. This was super helpful, and man, oh, man I did not realize how much my core needed strengthening. In all honesty, some of the workouts felt super tough. I did have a few moments of “oh my goodness, I’m so weak” and “why did I stop strength training?” However, Alex was super encouraging and motivating. He also made sure not to push me too hard and he made it a priority to ensure I was using proper form with each of the exercises to prevent injury. I let him know I wanted to run up the hill on the bridge at the 9 KM mark on the Sun Run route. Last year, that hill killed me, but this year I wanted to kill it! See what I did there. LOL

For this reason, we focused on hill climbing and some extra leg exercises.


I’m so happy to say that all of the help I received to meet this year’s Sun Run goal paid off! I ran up the hill on the bridge and I completed the run in 1:05 (five minutes from my goal time but I still consider this about an hour because the start line was super busy and slow).

Needless to say, I’m proud of myself regardless and so thankful to Alex at Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness for his help. And speaking of help;  I think I’ll take advantage of Club16’s personal training services in preparation for next year’s Vancouver Sun Run because… it is ok to ask for help! In fact, it’s an imperative part of styling the inside of our lives.

*Thank you to Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness for sponsoring this post and helping me gain the confidence to call myself a runner.

Photos: Reglok.ca

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