The response I’m working on when receiving a compliment

Have you ever noticed when receiving a compliment how you respond?

I know I’m guilty of deflecting compliments. And it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when my friend was taking photos for me when she brought this to my attention.

She was giving me compliments on how beautiful she thought the photos were turning out and my first response was “it’s the lighting, and then my second response was “it’s the photographer.” This is when she responded (as a good friend should) with: “Just say, thank you!”

It was a huge reminder for me to simply accept a compliment instead of devaluing it. I laughed and said, “thank you”, and then went on to say, “I’m still working on this whole receiving a compliment thing.”

In other words, I’ve been trying to retrain myself to show gratitude and accept compliments with humility and grace rather than rejecting them.

But clearly, this isn’t always easy.

I have to remind myself that when I’m sincerely thankful for a compliment it doesn’t come off as being overly confident or vain, instead it shows that I gratefully acknowledge the person giving the compliment.

Unfortunately, in this incident, I reverted to old ways but with any habit or behavior, we’re trying to change we will slip up from time to time.

This experience reminded me that accepting a compliment is in actuality beneficial for my emotional well-being and self-esteem!

I know expressing gratitude has so many benefits but I didn’t realize just how beneficial it is when expressed after receiving a compliment.

“THANK YOU” it’s such a simple, powerful phrase.



But… not always the easiest to express when receiving a compliment.

Needless to say, I’m super grateful my friend pointed this out to me that day. It has really helped me become conscious of simply expressing gratitude when receiving compliments rather than deflecting them.

Have you noticed how you respond when you receive a compliment?



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