My guiding words to help me move forward in 2019

My 2018 guiding words really helped me get through last year. This is why I love choosing a word or phrase to serve as a reminder each and every year.

Last year my guiding words were all about shrinking less and shining more.

Anytime I felt like shrinking to make others feel comfortable I reminded myself that when we let our own light shine, we allow others to do the same.

I reflected a lot during the month of December 2018. There were some pretty amazing opportunities the universe brought my way like being the CoverGirl for I Like Her Style Vancouver Magazine , the Girl in Focus for Coquitlam Centre , the invite to be a team Telus  partner. It was the best year financially for my blog, and blog/ social media influencer partnerships literally kept showing up for me!


ilhsv summer issue17

All of these external things I’m so grateful for but the thing I’m MOST proud of this year is the work I did that you can’t see on the outside. 

Things like, changing old thought patterns, being vulnerable with a friend and communicating something with her I was feeling that I needed to let out. Letting go in another situation with someone where I would typically turn into a transformer and armor up.

I was also in a situation where I had to bravely speak the truth. The entire experience validated what my intuition knew along, which in turn, taught me to continue to trust my gut.

I began to let go of judgment, especially judgment of myself. I completed an online self-development program called Yu School.


I moved for my mental health almost daily and had a lot of moments of solitude so I could cultivate more mindfulness.


In that solitude, I began to gain clarity about my purpose and my self-awareness grew so much stronger.


In other words, I began to become more conscious of my unconscious thoughts.

Needless to say, the inner work is the work I did this year that can’t be measured in vanity metrics (you know, Instagram likes/follows/ achievements) but it is ultimately the work I am most proud of because internal work is HARD work!

I know deep within this transformational work is going to help me continue to live my truth. Which leads me to my guiding words for 2019:

“Becoming who I was created to be.”

If you take anything away from this post I hope it’s this:

Shrink less for others & GROW more. It’s the only way to help EVERYONE shine 💫 and… don’t forget to be proud of yourself along the way!

That said, I highly recommend using a guiding word, mantra, or phrase to help you instigate the intentions you’ve set for 2019.

Meditate on these words, write them down, hang them up, heck you can even “Instaqoute them!”

These powerful intentional guiding words can be impactful, and using these words to help us shift our thoughts can lead to positive change in our lives.

*featured image: found on Pinterest


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