The simple things that made my daughters happy over the holidays

*This post was written in partnership with TELUS 

The holidays are over and we’re already ten days into 2019 (I can’t believe it)!  Over the holidays we tried to be intentionally busy NOT being busy (if you know what I mean).  In other words, we had a restful winter break (well, my daughters sure did, anyway) and this made them very content.

In all honesty, I think they were really looking forward to having a simple, restful break. After all, it is called winter break for a reason! Although they didn’t tell me this is what they were looking forward to, it was very obvious over the holidays that they were craving a much-needed break.

A few of the simple things that made my daughters (and myself) very happy over the holidays.

  1. Sleeping in

The girls slept in until past 11 am every day during the break. I guess growing girls need those extra zzz’s! I didn’t mind letting them sleep in because I knew when school began again it would be back to the grind of getting up early every day including weekends because of extracurricular activities.

I think it’s important for them to have lazy days. In other words, allowing them to sleep in over the winter holidays was good for their well-being.

I know society may make us feel like we should be hustling and grinding every day. Sometimes this even makes me feel like I should be making my kids grind every day otherwise they won’t be successful later in life. I’ve realized, however, after experiencing severe burnout and stress in the past just how important it is to take time to rest. Needless to say, sleeping in made my girls very happy over the winter break.

2. Having breakfast at lunch aka; brunch

With all the sleeping in, the girls loved waking up and calling breakfast; brunch! They rarely have brunch because they’re always at school and on a regular schedule. Needless to say, breakfast wasn’t in their schedule over the holidays.

This Christmas we received a waffle maker as a gift and the girls loved having fresh waffles with all the fixings like chocolate sauce, sprinkles, fresh fruit, and whipping cream. I didn’t think they were going to want to go back to a quick bowl of cereal and fruit after the holidays but surprisingly they haven’t asked me to make them any waffles. Perhaps they’re sick of them now. LOL

3. Lounging in PJs until its time to go somewhere

You know the saying PJs all day. This was my girl’s motto during the winter holidays. When I would tell them it’s time to get dressed they would moan and groan as if I’m the worst mom in the world! Needless to say, staying in their Pj’s made my girls veryyyy happy over the holidays.

4. No homework

All three girls left school for the holidays without any homework. Saying this made them happy is an understatement!

5. Strong reliable Wi-Fi signal

Who knew something like a strong wifi signal would make everyone so content over the holidays? In all honesty,  having strong wifi made all of us happy over the holidays. As much as I would have loved for all of us to unplug, it didn’t seem realistic for two full weeks. Perhaps if we went away on a trip that would be more realistic but since we were at home I didn’t want us all going stir crazy 😉

The girls were on their devices watching movies, chatting with friends, browsing the net, and playing games. Who am I kidding? We were ALL on our devices. My husband was off of work as well and was addicted to some golf game on his phone and I spent a lot of time on my Instagram stories sharing our behind the scenes.

In other words, there weren’t any complaints about the Wi-Fi signal over the holidays because my husband brought home and installed the TELUS boost Wi-Fi.  At first, I wasn’t sure what he was installing, and then when he explained that the TELUS boost extends our coverage throughout the home, giving us no more slow spots and lagging in the house I was like, Hell ya, install that baby!

Teenage girls, a hubby addicted to playing a golf game, and a slow Wi-Fi signal is a recipe for moodiness! And ain’t nobody wanted to be home for the holidays in a house with moody daughters and a grumpy hubby.


In all seriousness, it really is the simple things in life like sleeping in, staying in PJs all day, and having a strong Wi-Fi signal that made my girls happy during the winter holidays.

I think that should be a meme with a photo of my daughters.  Winter Holiday Happiness: When you stay in your PJs all day with a strong Wi-Fi signal.  😉 

I hope everyone enjoyed the winter holidays as much as my daughters did. Mostly, I hope you took some guilt-free time out to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

Happy 2019 friends!


More Information about TELUS Boost Wi-Fi

TELUS designed Boost Wi-Fi in-house in response to customers’ demand for increased coverage in the home.

Why you need it:
  • Factors like house size, building materials, sources of signal interference and the number of connected devices can all interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. TELUS Boost Wi-Fi extends your coverage throughout the home.
How it works:
  • TELUS Boost Wi-Fi creates a mesh network throughout your home so your devices will always connect to the strongest possible Wi-Fi. You will also enjoy more consistent speeds in every room. Set up is easy with the TELUS My Wi-Fi App.
  • The system is outfitted with Smart Wi-Fi technology that optimizes device performance for a seamless experience as you move from room-to-room, ensuring each device is connected to the optimal booster relative to its location.
  • TELUS Boost Wi-Fi is simple to set up with step-by-step instructions via the TELUS My Wi-Fi app. The app also allows for easy monitoring and management of the home Wi-Fi network, including the option to pause Wi-Fi if a digital break is needed.
*Thank you to TELUS for sponsoring this post

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