“Do less, enjoy more” and other tips to stress less this holiday season


Trying to find the perfect gift, overspending, attending too many holiday events, and keeping up with the commercialized side of the season can lead to more stress than actual joy during the holidays.

So how can we keep it real, and feel more festive rather than frazzled during the most wonderful time of the year?


Do less, enjoy more

When we overcommit during the holidays rushing from one-holiday gathering to the next it can be hard to be fully present. In fact, when we say yes to too many activities during the holiday season we can end up feeling more depleted than joyful.

In other words, don’t overcommit and you’ll have more time to enjoy the people around you rather than being somewhere and feeling anxious about where you may need to be next.

Set a Holiday budget

The holidays can be simply put; expensive! Setting a budget ahead of time can dramatically help decrease the internal worry of overspending. Sticking within your holiday budget is a sure-fire way to prevent yourself from feeling the “I overspent during the holidays” blues in the new year.

Get your shopping done early

I’m happy to say I’ve already purchased a bunch of gifts for some of my family members and friends. It feels so good knowing I only have a few people left to shop for.  Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be “There are ten days left till Christmas so let’s all run out to the mall and stress out about what we’re going to buy for everyone” In fact, it can feel non-stressful if you plan ahead and get some gifts for the people on your list early.

Stop looking for the “perfect gift”

There is no such thing as perfect. Perfect is overrated anyhow. This may sound cliché but rather than pressuring yourself to find the “perfect gift” keep reminding yourself it’s truly the thought that counts.

Find a local or global cause to give back to

This holiday season our family is dedicated to giving back to one local and one global cause. We are giving back to One Girl Can by purchasing their holiday gift cards. 100% of proceeds will go towards helping girls in Africa receive an education.  We are also sponsoring a family through the Surrey Christmas Bureau.

Giving back always feels good on the inside!

If you’re feeling stressed this holiday season try giving back. Even a small act of kindness goes a long way and it benefits not only the recipient but also the giver.

Take advantage of services that can help you during the holidays

Time seems to be one of the biggest reasons people may feel stressed during the holiday season. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done. And everything takes time, especially gift wrapping, cooking for holiday parties, and baking.

For this reason, I highly suggest taking advantage of things like catering services, gift wrapping services, online shopping, cleaning services, grocery delivery and more.

Any help you can get will eliminate stress and save you time, which in turn will help you enjoy the holidays.

In short, time is such a precious commodity. Let’s spend it feeling festive, joyful, and present.

Most importantly, remember to take care of you!

It can be really hard during the holidays to put ourselves first especially when we have so much on our to-do list. However, in order to feel festive rather than frazzled self-care should not be put on the backburner.

Perhaps listening to Christmas carols, relaxing with some hot cocoa in your PJs, or taking a brisk walk is your jam.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant but it is important to spend some time doing something simply for you during the busiest and most wonderful time of the year.


Check out this Instagram post below where I talk about the importance of stillness in our lives especially during the busy and hectic holiday season:

View this post on Instagram

The holiday season is fast approaching and I’ve talked to a lot of people who are already beginning to feel overwhelmed with their to-do lists (including myself). I had a bit of vertigo come on after my intense workout this morning. When this happened I knew it was my body telling me to slowwwww down. (I’ve been really busy lately). So today I’ve decided to get still, slow down and rest because…Stillness is where it’s at! . . But you know what? It’s so hard for so many people! It’s easier to be “too busy” than to get still. We’ve been conditioned to believe that doing nothing is associated with being lazy. This is why a lot of people feel anxious with the thought of doing nothing. . . In the past I was such a doer that it took so much for me just to be. It made me feel anxious, and guilty. I felt like I always had to be doing something to feel worthy. . . In all honesty, it was easier to be busy than it was to get still. Because being still meant I would have to be with my thoughts and acknowledge my stuff. But somewhere deep within I knew that in order to evolve and grow I could not continue running away from being with me! . . When I began to take moments to simply be, this is when I began to truly cultivate mindfulness. . . And mindfulness is where the magic happens. 💫 . In other words, cultivating more stillness in your life (even if it’s simply five minutes a day) is not indulgent, or lazy, it’s imperative for our overall mental wellbeing. It has SO many benefits. Most importantly its one of the best ways to deeply get to know ourselves. . It’s the cool thing to do, folks. Don’t let society make you feel otherwise. Don’t let society make you feel like you have to constantly be grinding, hustling, and doing in order to feel worthy and please stop making sarcastic jokes about how lame you are if you stay in on a Friday night. Embrace it! 😉 😘❤️💫 #stylingtheinside . . . . . . . #selfcarematters #mentalhealthawareness #loveyourself #mindfulnesspractice #thepowerofnow #livinginthepresent

A post shared by Jamie Khau•Wellbeing advocate (@styling_the_inside) on

*This is a guest blog I wrote for the WithinUS blog last holiday season but I feel it’s one we can share every holiday season!

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