Double your impact this Giving Tuesday with the purchase of One Girl Can`s Holiday Cards!

I’m so thrilled to be partnering with One Girl Can again this holiday season to help them raise $10,000 to build a new dormitory for their students through the sale of this years holiday cards.

Why I’m committed to working with One Girl Can

As a mother of three girls, and someone who sadly took her own education for granted, I want my girls to understand that education is something we should never take for granted. I want them to know how fortunate they truly are.  I also want to continue to educate my daughters on global awareness.

Therefore, I’m committed to volunteering with One Girl Can by helping with their annual #Iwant2be fundraising events and social campaigns.  By doing so, I’m modeling to my daughters that small acts of giving back really can make a huge impact. These volunteer efforts start a dialogue with my girls surrounding gender inequality, education, global issues, and giving.

One Girl Can empowers girls through education to end the cycle of poverty and gender inequality. Their holistic model supports a girl from the time she leaves primary school until the day she gains meaningful employment.

The girls at Magomano Boarding School are living in an overcrowded and deteriorating dormitory.

Help One Girl Can rebuild their home at school so they can provide safe and healthy living conditions that foster the dignity and confidence the girls need to be successful in their studies.


100% of the holiday card proceeds will go directly toward this building project.

Double your impact with One Girl Can today!

Today is Giving Tuesday and One Girl Can is proud to be partnering with AG Hair, who will match all donations and holiday card purchases made throughout the day, doubling the impact of all donations!!

A 5-pack of cards is $25 and a 12-pack is $50 and a 15% discount is
available for purchases over $100.

We will be purchasing these cards to give to the girl’s teachers for Christmas. This small act of kindness is a simple way my girls can contribute to educating girls in Africa and it’s a great way for them to experience the gift of giving.

In addition, I believe their teachers will be very pleased to know the gift they received helped educate girls in a place where education is vital in breaking the cycle of gender inequality and poverty.

These cards are also an ideal gift for babysitters, co-workers, neighbors, and even your secret Santa!

Purchase your cards here 

Paying it forward is more meaningful than any gift money can buy. 

I hope you’ll consider these holiday gift cards this holiday season.

*This post was written in partnership with One Girl Can


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