When families take action together, they can make huge impact

Last night I had the pleasure of attending WE DAY Family with TELUS. My youngest daughter Charley was so excited about this experience because she has always been too young to attend a WE DAY event, and therefore, felt left out in the past when her sisters have attended.

This year WE movement changed things up and hosted it’s inaugural  WE DAY Family Vancouver event. The event brought together inspirational speakers and performers to motivate families to raise kind, empathetic, compassionate children and raise awareness around causes that matter.

When families take action together, they can make a huge impact, both in their communities and in their own lives. Through the shared experience of volunteering, kids develop a deep sense of service and compassion. And when they have support at home, they can grow as leaders and go on to change the headlines on important issues. -WE movement

I really love that WE DAY hosted a family edition this year. I believe it`s so important to teach our children about global and social issues. WE DAY Family addressed these topics in such a fun, and engaging way!

The stories I was moved at WE DAY Family

Sharing personal stories is one of the best ways I feel we can inspire others.  Some of the touching stories included Margaret Trudeau’s struggles with mental illness and another one from a mother and her two daughters. They spoke on behalf of TELUS to rise above cyberbullying and help create a kinder space online.

However, they courageously shared a story about how they made a mistake online and got involved in some unkind interactions. I thought it was so brave of them and I loved that their mother was there with them to support them, and advocate for creating a safe, kind space online.

This also really resonated for me because when I was younger I made some past mistakes and was hurtful toward some of the kids at school. I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about what was going on. And I lived with the guilt of how this may have impacted others for a very long time. Needless to say,  it was so nice to see this mother advocating for her daughters and youth to rise above this type of behavior. I know first-hand what it feels like to be the person inflicting this type of unkind behavior, and I also know first-hand what my child went through when she was cyberbullied.

In the mother’s words,  “Talk to your kids and communicate with them about what’s going in their lives because cyberbullying is a mistake any of our kids can make.”

I love when she mentioned that cyberbullying is a mistake any of our kids can make. Rather than shaming her daughters for what happened, they all chose to use this experience to spread awareness, and that is inspiring.

Everyone clapped and cheered and then then she encouraged the audience to take the TELUS Wise Digital Pledge. Today after being inspired by the WE DAY Family event, I want to encourage you to take the TELUS Wise digital pledge too!

Giving back doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as taking a few minutes to pledge to be kinder online.

About the TELUS Wise Digital Pledge

Canadians are standing with us as we look to create a more positive, friendly world online. Stand with us and fellow Canadians to help make our digital space safer by taking the TELUS Wise Digital Pledge.

For every Pledge taken, TELUS will give $1 to support #EndBullying programs across Canada. So far we’ve received 122,880 Pledges.

Help us reach our goal of 1 million by taking the Pledge today.-TELUS WISE

Take the pledge today!

Thank you to TELUS for sponsoring this post and for inviting our family to take part in WE DAY Family Vancouver. It is an experience we will never forget!




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