Healing emotional trauma to heal my life

I haven’t talked about my autoimmune disease in a while and while I’ve shared with you my symptoms, and ways I’ve tried to manage to live with Hashimotos, I’ve figured out the most important piece of this puzzle!

While exercising, eating healthier, avoiding foods that cause inflammation have been helpful in managing the symptoms the true HEALING however really began when I started to dig deep within to find the root cause.

I believe the root cause of my autoimmune disease stems from unhealed childhood emotional trauma. 

This past five years, I have been dealing with the uncomfortable feelings of sorting through this. It hasn’t been easy, to say the least.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how much I exercise or try to avoid the gluten if the emotions are still stuck in my body, then I will continue to have flare-ups. I began to notice my triggers and how this would impact me.

Each time I was emotionally triggered I would try and push the emotion down. In other words, I would repress it. However, this would result in my body going into fight or flight mode (stress). And when I was feeling like this, (which was often), my symptoms would flare.

Needless to say, I’ve been styling the inside to release this emotional trauma.

I’ve been working on healing the trauma to heal my life! 

Holding onto past hurt and resentment was the biggest emotion causing me stress!  Once I became more self-aware of how these feelings were making my body feel sick, the true healing began.

Some of the other things I’ve been practicing on this healing journey have been: being mindful of my triggers, having more gratitude, using positive self- affirmations, spending more time practicing stillness, spending time in nature, breathing, and using releasing techniques.

Being compassionate with myself during this healing process without judgment has not been easy, but it’s most definitely been worth it.

Our thoughts are so powerful, they truly have the power to heal us.

I can’t tell you I’m fully healed (yet) but what I can tell you is this:

I know trauma can seem like an awful word but not all emotional trauma is abuse etc, sometimes it’s something small like your parent forgetting to pick you up from school on time and the emotion of perhaps feeling neglected stays with you into adulthood.

Therefore, when we’re not dealing with our emotional trauma,  this can, unfortunately, negatively impact our health. And if it’s not impacting our health, it will find a way to manifest in other ways such as addiction, body image issues, procrastination, and more.

In other words, finding the root cause of our stress, illness, whatever is making us feel stuck in life is how we do the work on the inside. This can be confusing, challenging, and take a lot of time, like trying to do a thousand piece puzzle, but in the end, it’s immensely rewarding. We just can’t forget the most important piece: The emotional one. 


*After I wrote this post I was scrolling through the TELUS Healthy Living Network and came across a documentary titled: Heal- a film about the power of the mind.

Since the word heal has been something I’ve been working on for a while now, I was very curious to watch.

When I began watching this documentary it was about everything I’ve been trying to figure out these past few years about healing! It’s about the mind, body, spirit connection.

Some of the amazing people I love to follow for inspiration like Marianne Williamson, The Medical Medium, Deepak Chopra, and more are featured in this inspiring documentary about healing your mind to overcome illness.

I highly recommend it!

Thank you TELUS Healthy Living Network for giving me easy access to hundreds of titles to help educate, challenge, and inspire me to embrace a healthier lifestyle. This is another reason I love being a TELUS advocate because they offer resources to help people style the inside of their lives.



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