Items to pack for a Romantic Weekend Trip

*This is a collaborative post 

A weekend away is all about you and your partner.


If you’re a busy mom, you’ve probably been waiting for a trip like this for a long time. It’s so important to take the time to do what makes you happy and a private, romantic escape is healing for the soul. We all deserve a break from our everyday lives and special trips like these, where you can really focus on your relationship, are to be treasured.


It can be a little tricky to know what to pack for this specific type of vacation. To make for the most romantic trip, pack a small weekend bag and leave your work and computers at home.

Whether you’re just getting to know your partner, or you’ve been married for 20 years, here’s what to pack for a romantic weekend trip, wherever you may be going.

Your Best Clothes

You want to bring your best outfits on a romantic holiday as they will not only look beautiful, they’ll give you confidence. If you’re running out of inspiration, maybe buy yourself some new clothes that spruce up the wardrobe—then surprise your loved one with them during the trip.


Even a simple outing is transformed when you take the time to look great. Your partner will appreciate the effort.



It’s a good idea to bring your favorite bathing suit on your romantic getaway. If you’re staying at a hotel, there might be a hot tub or a pool, or you might decide that a spa day for the two of you is just what you need.


Or, if you’re hiking, you might come across a freshwater pool. Who knows? You may also want to bring along a coverup and a wide-brimmed hat to stay protected from the sun while lounging.



Many women advocate the importance of wearing beautiful, good quality lingerie. Even if no one sees it, it puts a pep in your step. In this case, however, it is very possible and almost expected that someone (a very special someone) will see it. Lingerie means a variety of things. Yes, it’s your bra and underwear, but it could also be a delicate silken slip for you to sleep in.



Leave your bulky heels at home. They’re a hassle to carry and aren’t practical or versatile. Instead, choose some sleek slip-on sneakers you can wear all weekend, and dress up or down. They’re perfect for exploring the area and enjoying your dreamy post-dinner walks. The more comfortable you are, the better you will feel on the inside, thus shining on the outside.


Accessories and Details

Adding a few carefully selected accessories is the easiest way to make your outfits pop. They’re lightweight and hardly take up any space in your bag yet have the potential to completely transform an outfit. A piece of statement jewelry can dress up any look in no time at all and a luxurious scarf will keep you warm while tying your garb together.

A Few Special Items

It may sound cheesy but this private time with your companion should be about the love between the two of you. Bring your favorite music with you to play in the car ride or in your hotel room.


Perhaps you could pack a gift to surprise your partner once you’ve arrived. One idea is to bring an item with good memories associated with it—something special—like a photo album you can go through together. This is the time to look fondly on the past and look forward to the future.



Find yourself a cute toiletries bag. You’ll need all your basics: toothbrush, creams, deodorant, etc. But you’ll also want to have other essentials like medicine since you might not have access to any pharmacies or grocery stores. And why not use this opportunity to try out that new shade of lipstick or perfume you haven’t dared use yet? It adds a little thrill and then next time you use it, it will remind you of your romantic weekend!


Packing for a romantic weekend trip is all about bringing the essentials that are going to make you happiest and leaving behind the items that’ll distract you. This is a time away for you and your partner to focus on each other, devoid of distractions.


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