Thanks+Giving- two things we should practice for our well-being

On my walk today I began to ponder the word Thanksgiving. I think over the years I’ve always focused on gratitude when it comes to Thanksgiving. It’s the time of year when we get to celebrate everything we are thankful for!

Studies show that having a gratitude attitude increases our well-being because it reduces stress levels, which ultimately make people feel happier. There are many healthy benefits to being grateful, and gratitude is definitely something we should cultivate in our everyday lives.

In other words, being thankful isn’t just something we should practice once a year.

But what about the word Giving? 

Why aren’t we talking about this during ThanksGIVING? 

If being thankful is something we should all cultivate to live a more fulfilled, happier existence, then giving should also be emphasized because giving is also essential for our well-being!

Needless to say, the words that kept coming to mind on my walk today was Thanks + Giving.  Two of the main ingredients for happiness.

And then… this got me thinking about the brands and partnerships I am so thankful to have worked with over the last few years. Although, I’ve worked with many brands and businesses the one partnership that I’m so extremely proud and honored to be a part of is… TELUS.


Because my partnership with TELUS makes me feel so much gratitude and… one of their core values is…giving!


Back in May, I had the pleasure of spending the day with fellow Team TELUS advocates. Some of the advocates came from all over Canada, and it was so awesome to be able to meet everyone and spend time getting to know them.

During our day-long event, we also had the opportunity to give back with TELUS for TELUS Days Of Giving. 

We filled backpacks with food items for Back Pack Buddies. Backpack Buddies exists to fill the weekend hunger gap for children in Metro Vancouver. BackPack Buddies aim is to make sure that no child in the community goes hungry.


Before we filled the backpacks we heard from a single mother whose child is a recipient from Backpack buddies. She had us in tears. We could feel the impact this organization has had on her and her family through her story.  After she shared her story TELUS presented Backpack Buddies with a generous donation!

It was a day of giving that I am SO thankful I was a part of.

Did you know?

This was the 13th annual TELUS Days of Giving which brought together more than 24,000 volunteers at over 1,800 activities across Canada. It is thanks to the unparalleled efforts of TELUS team members, retirees, friends, family, and partners who enthusiastically stepped up to help that TELUS was able to benefit those who need support the most.

Together, TELUS  made a big difference in the following ways:

  • 67,582 pounds of food sorted at food banks
  • 14,029 pounds of waste collected to improve our environment
  • 13,500 backpacks of school supplies provided to children in need
  • 26,940 meals served to feed the hungry
  • 7,202 trees and plants planted in parks and gardens to enhance green spaces
  • 738 units of blood donated to patients across Canada


Thanksgiving is in October, and TELUS Days of Giving is in May, however, TELUS  aims to give back all year-long.


In essence, cultivate thankfulness and giving back as much as you can (it doesn’t have to be grandiose, it can be as simple as grabbing someones coffee for them) and watch as this has a profound impact on your life.

Thanks + Giving = an integral way to styling the inside of our lives!

Thank you TELUS for helping me style mine! 

*To learn more about TELUS’ commitment to local communities from coast to coast, visit


*photos: TELUS



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