Capturing family photos isn’t always easy

Family photos aren’t always easy for us to capture. I wrote about this on one of my recent Instagram photos.

Sometimes I’m being present and I forget.

Other times, I don’t want to ask someone to take it, and sometimes… I just want to avoid the stress and meltdowns of trying to capture “the perfect photo”.

What usually goes down when we attempt to get a family photo?

Our oldest daughter becomes annoyed with her sisters. She also becomes irritated with me when I tell her to smile (she’s in her teen years lol). We’ve tried setting up the camera in a random spot so we can use the timer and sometimes that random spot doesn’t work and everyone becomes impatient. We’ve asked people to take our photo and this may come as a surprise but we’ve heard a few “no’s”. For this reason, we pretty much give up and don’t want to bother anyone else.

In addition, there’s also sighing, and whining, “hurry up let’s get this over with” complaining, and sometimes tears.

The thing is, family photos provide an invaluable way of making our brief time on earth everlasting. I want my kids to have something to remember the time we spent together and the memories we made.

Needless to say, this is why I haven’t entirely given up on trying to get a family photo. I have however learned from these not so pleasant experiences that if everyone isn’t in the mood it’s best not to force the moment.

In short, I’m grateful we captured this moment together at my sisters baby shower this Summer.

Best of all, there were no complaints!

Also, I think it`s time for a professional family shoot.

Can you believe we haven`t had one since before our youngest was born?



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