Success starts the moment you choose to be YOU

“There is no way to be fully connected and engaged with the world without first going within and deeply getting to know yourself.”-Tonia Mattu

I recently completed YuSchool– a 6-week online program on how to be your boldest, most confident self in life & business.

Before I began the program I was so tired of feeling… stuck.

I was feeling stuck in negative emotions and stuck in so much fear. I was stuck in a place I knew wasn’t ME!

I wrote a post about why I decided to participate in YuSchool here. 

Essentially, I was in this place where I wanted to grow my brand/business yet I knew there was some inner work that needed to be done before I could move forward.

When I found out about this six-week YuSchool program- A deep dive into self-discovery, I took it as a sign.

I could either continue feeling not in alignment with my true self OR I could dig a little deeper.

And boy did I discover some serious GOLD, baby!

However,  first I had to dive into the five elements of the program: vulnerability, authenticity, curiosity, intention & intuition.

The work consisted of journaling exercises, watching videos of Tonia, group calls, and a few personal one-on-one calls with Tonia.

It was during a discovery learning exercise from the program where I integrated everything I learned about myself and wrote; The Story Of Me ( a year from now) when I began to FEEL my best self-emerge.

It ’s been a few months since I did this exercise but It has already begun to determine how things have been going for me.

In fact, a few weeks after I finished the exercise I was asked to be the cover girl for a local magazine, and more business opportunities began coming my way that felt really aligned with my brand!

I’m ready to kick fear to the curb and embark on growing Styling The Inside.  I truly believe going back and deeply getting to know ME through this program has been the catalyst I needed.

It was such a powerful, transformative program and I believe it ’s attracting serendipity into my life.

Manifestation, man!

That s*%t works!

In all seriousness, styling the Inside of my life isn’t always easy but it’s definitely worth it. This personal growth stuff is totally my jam.

I highly recommend YuSchool if you’re feeling stuck, or if you’re looking to style your life from the inside out! I love that I could do it from the comfort of my home at my own pace. Tonia’s a very engaging facilitator and she’s truly passionate about helping others live their best life.

In her program, you will learn step by step tools to reduce stress, gain clarity, get clear on your values, deeply get to know your true authentic self and amplify your confidence.

YuSchool is a 25-step framework designed to connect you to the most important factor to your success: You! 

Sign up today and join hundreds of students who have manifested their dream lives using the YUOLOGY life design framework.

*I’m an affiliate of YuSchool. I receive compensation for referring friends. Let me know if you would like to embark on transforming YOU. 




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