Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness helped me train for the Vancouver Sun Run

I did it!

I ran 10 KM in the Vancouver Sun Run! 

But… I can’t take all the credit.

I believe the training  sessions I had at Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness really helped me and here’s why:

Before the Sun Run I would go for a leisurely 5 KM jog in my neighborhood and on the jog back I would see my house on the corner and always run back to it.

I didn’t have any motivation to run any further than 5 KM!

The only time I’ve run further than 5 KM was a few years ago when I ran in a half-marathon (21 KM) and after running that half-marathon I stopped running beyond 5 KM. 

I thought about signing up for a race again, but I would get scared. When I would think about the time I would have to spend training for it, I would completely back out.

The Vancouver Sun Run, however, is only 10 KM and seeing as I’ve been exercising consistently I thought maybe it’s time to stop telling myself I can’t run past 5 KM and simply go for it.

The thing is,when I signed up I really only had a few weeks to train.

For this reason, having a few personal training sessions with Alex at Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness helped me feel less anxious about the timeline.

During my first training session, Alex gave me an assessment to see where I was at physically.

This assessment enabled Alex to create me a personalized Vancouver Sun Run training plan.

Club16’s Health Guard revolutionary system is the first Health & Wellness screening system to combine truly non-invasive body composition analysis with accurate blood pressure and heart rate measurement.

Measurements Included:

  • Complete Body Composition
    • Body Fat Percent
    • Total Fat Mass
    • Reserve Fat
    • Excess Fat
    • Total Lean Mass
    • Basal Metabolic Rate
    • Total Body Water
    • Body Mass Index
  • Weight
  • Blood Pressure (Systolic & Diastolic)
  • Pulse Rate

You can read about the benefits of starting your health journey with a fitness  assessment here. 

In all honesty, I have NOT stepped on a scale in years! I was afraid to see the number on the scale, however,  Alex assured me that this health assessment is very different from the average scale. That being said, I stepped on it like a champ and did my best not to let my weight make me feel bad about myself. I must admit I was in shock when I saw the number but I was also proud of myself for not letting it define me or the hard work I’ve put into exercising again.

At our next session, Alex gave me my personalized running plan which included how many runs and the distance I should be doing leading up to the Vancouver Sun Run. He also noted what to eat prior to the run.

In addition, Alex showed me how to use the equipment in the gym ( which was very intimidating for me because I’m so used to doing at-home workouts, hikes & jogs). Alex said it’s important to do some strength training in between runs which is why he added some of these workouts to my running plan.

When I told Alex about some of the issues I felt with my right shoulder he showed me some exercises I could do to warm it up.

My third personal training session included a 6 KM outdoor run. Before the run, he showed me some great stretches. I was sore from my run the weekend before we trained because I didn’t stretch. He explained the reasons why it’s essential to stretch before and after a run. He also gave me some insight during our run on what to expect at the Vancouver Sun Run. He planned our run with some hills because he knows the route would be similar.

When we finished the run Alex told me my pace was about 9 mins per KM and at this pace, I would most likely finish in about an hour and forty minutes.

And my last session with Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness was a super fun 4 KM group run led by Nicole one of the personal trainers.

The energy of running in a small group was super motivating. Everyone had their own personal goals and it was nice to run alongside others who have participated in the run in the past as well as someone like me who was participating for the first time.

I honestly don’t think I would have felt prepared for the run if I didn’t have the help of a personal trainer at Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness.  It helped me stay accountable. Having the personalized running plan forced me to get out there and do a few runs on my own. In addition, the one-on-one run and group run was very beneficial.

The Day of the Vancouver Sun Run 


The day of the run I met up with the Club 16 crew at the Trevor Linden Fitness downtown bright and early.

The weather was perfect!

I picked up my race bib and walked nervously to the start-line with the Club 16 gang.

At the beginning of the race, my eyes welled with tears because sometimes I’m just so damn hard on myself.

As I began running down the first hill I stared straight ahead at a sea of hundreds of green Vancouver Sun Run shirts.

It was so inspiring and the energy of being amongst 40,000 people was exhilarating!

Suddenly my fear of not being able to run the entire 10 KM dissipated.

Instead of being fearful of not being able to run the entire way, I felt so grateful. Grateful for the beautiful city we live in. Grateful to be surrounded by thousands of people from children to the elderly. Grateful for the fresh air and the gorgeous sunshine. Grateful for the people in my life who believe in me. And last but not least, grateful to ME for showing myself that gratitude is stronger than fear.

Thanks to the help of Club 16 Trevor Linden fitness and my awesome personal trainer Alex who motivated & trained me (in two weeks 🤣) I finished the 10 KM run in 73 minutes!

I’ll definitely be participating in The Vancouver Sun Run again next year. In fact, I met an older lady who told me she is a cancer survivor that’s been doing the run since 1995! I also met a woman who was celebrating her 50th birthday and wanted to check this off her bucket list as well as a father pushing both of his children in a stroller! Oh and someone in a banana suit too! lol

In essence, accomplishing the run and training for it was so rewarding but being alongside thousands of people of all ages gives the Vancouver Sun Run this amazing sense of community and that is priceless.

This was my excitement when I saw my family after I crossed the finish line. LOL!

*Thank you to Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness & The Vancouver Sun Run for sponsoring this post. 

*Photos taken at Club 16 provided by Shannon Lee Lifestyle Photography 

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