You don’t have to be J LO to do that “living your best life” thing

 Living your best life. 

I know it`s another one of those buzzwords/phrases like self-care. And I KNOW I talk about the importance of  self-care (especially for mothers) a lot! BUT I can`t help myself. Self-care comes in many forms and I strongly feel it should be non-negotiable.

You know the saying, “put your airplane mask on first”? 


And we can’t possibly live our best life if we’re not doing this!

Yet guilt, and all the other things that need to get tended to end up coming first and before you know it, it’s been a year since your last haircut. You keep forgetting to make a dentist appointment for yourself (but you never forget the kids). You can’t remember the last time you went for a pedicure (your heels feel like sandpaper, and they could literally give someone a cut). The grey hairs keep appearing and because you don’t make time to colour them, you stand in the bathroom mirror and pluck them out with tweezers and think to yourself, ” When did I get so old?” You can’t even remember the last time you made time to go to a yoga class (who has time to be all zen when your brain is trying to figure out how to balance work/mom life)? And speaking of your brain, you can’t seem to remember a thing since you’ve had kids! Geesh. They take away your brain cells toooooo!

So, you KNOW you should really start taking care of YOU because you literally feel like you’re falling apart, but you tell yourself you don’t have time for that. (Only famous people like Jennifer Lopez have time for that self-care /healthy living “living your best life” thing because they can hire everyone to take care of everything.)

Damn you, J LO.

So, here’s the thing:

I was that mom.

The one with the sandpaper heels, who couldn’t remember her children’s birthdays, plucking white hairs out of her head while looking in the mirror thinking, “When did I get so old?” I cut my hair once a year and made dentists appointments for the family excluding myself. I stopped exercising, and as a result, I began to feel as confident as I was when I was nineteen (not a good thing). In other words, I got mad at my husband for making a comment about a good looking celebrity.

I was also feeling anxious. I self-sabotaged, and let negative emotions get the best of me. I mean, I began to care so much about what other people were thinking, I became AFRAID of success.

For example, right now I’m writing this blog post in partnership with TELUS because they asked me to become a part of their 2018 Team TELUS advocate program and guess what?

When I found this out last year, I was too AFRAID to let people know because I was too worried that they would think something like, “Oh there goes  MISS STYLING THE INSIDE, bragging about something cool she gets to be a part of.)

And then…

One day I was DONE with being angry with J LO. I was done with shrinking to make other people feel comfortable. I was done with making BS excuses as to why I didn’t have time for myself. I was DONE with TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYONE ELSE ( ah, that felt good).

So what did I do about it this madness?

I decided to go downstairs to the dark unfinished basement to do a  Jillian Micheals workout. She screamed at me through the television and said things like, “EVERYONE HAS THIRTY MINUTES!” “YOU CAN DO THIS” “DO YOU WANT MORE HEALTH? HAPPINESS? THEN YOU HAVE THIRTY MINUTES!”

I was literally so scared of her that every day I went back downstairs for three months and listened to her while she whipped my butt, my MIND, and my confidence back into shape.

Suddenly, I realized this self-care thing wasn’t so bad. I didn’t have to be a freaking celebrity like J LO in order to take care of me!  I just had to simply stop letting guilt and excuses run my life because the only person that can take care of me, is ME!

That being said, if you’re feeling like mom guilt, excuses, fear, anxiety, or any other type of negative anything is running your life right now, I highly, highly recommend not just any type of self-care but the sweating type of self-care.

NO, I don’t mean sitting in your car with no AC and the windows up on a hot day kind of sweating. I mean,  an at-home workout kind of sweat.

And if Jillian Micheals workouts aren’t your jam then check out the TELUS Healthy Living Network™ . It’s a curated collection of credible health & wellness shows, carefully chosen for their customers and easily accessible On Demand. 

You can find it by pressing Channel 346 in the guide, or click the “On Demand” button on your remote and click through to “Healthy Living”

    The TELUS Healthy Living Network has over 600 titles, and over half are FREE!

      There are 10 categories including:

     Fitness & Yoga and includes Jillian Michaels (which you know I love!), full body circuit workouts, tons of yoga options (free & paid) and even a breakdown of individual exercises (in “Your Exercise Routine” series).  

       In addition, Healthy Eating & Healthy Mind category has lots of great documentaries on food, guided meditations and learning about mental wellness.

 Women’s, Children’s & Men’s Health has everything from menopause, to learning about Autism, to Kids Yoga, to content that guys would like. There is even a section on Chronic Conditions with information for things like Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure & more! 

Needless to say, if you’re a busy mom who simply wants to start taking better care of herself, check out the Women’s Health section to help support your health, which in turn, will help you take better care of your family.

Put your mask on first, man!

Before you know it you’ll be feeling so good someone could literally punch you in the face and you won’t even care. You’ll be too busy being high on this “living my best life” thing to care. 

In fact, your family may not even recognize this new you anymore because you’re dancing around the house singing J LO’s, “Aint your momma” at the top of your lungs. 😉

Last but not least, my friends at Telus are the BEST because… for every show viewed in May in the “Healthy Moms” collection on Optik TV’s Healthy Living Network, TELUS will donate $5 to BC Women’s Hospital, to a maximum of $5000!!! 

*This post was written in partnership with TELUS. I’m part of the team TELUS advocate program. All the crazy truth bombs are my own.

Featured image source: Pinterest 

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