A love for nature is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children

I don’t have memories as a child that I can vividly recall where I’m taking in all the natural surroundings of nature. I don’t remember going for nature walks or hikes in the forest. When I was a teenager this wasn’t something I thought about doing either.

I recall one of my high school teachers telling us one day that when he was out in nature- jogging or hiking he would feel a natural high. He took a big inhale as he expressed his love for being in nature and upon his exhale I could feel his happy energy fill the room while I continued twirling my hair and dazed off into la-la land to think about what fast food place I was going to eat at it with my friends after school or something.

My love and appreciation for Nature didn’t really begin until I began working with children (I have a background in Early Childhood Development). When I was in my early twenties I was teaching at this preschool where we go on a nature walk with the children everyday rain or shine. The teachers would gear up the children in their rain pants and muddy buddies and off we would go!

It was in these moments with the children when I would observe how they were interacting with nature that I realized how integral this was for their development. In addition, I noticed that some of the children with more challenging behaviors didn’t have the difficulties they did with listening when they were outdoors in nature free to explore their natural surroundings.

Similarly, when I’m outdoors on a hike surrounding by lush trees and fresh air, my mood significantly gets better.

After I spend time in nature, I feel uplifted and recharged.

In other words, I never regret it and now I understand what my high school teacher was talking about all those years ago. I have experienced the natural high he was referring to.

Each and every time I’m spending time outdoors with my family they laugh at me because they know I’m going to make them take deep breaths in and out. They have probably heard the story about my high school teacher and the positive effects nature has on our well-being a million times.

Because it’s just that amazing!

Below are some photos of a nature walk we went on during Spring Break in Cowichan, BC.

Whenever I mention going a hike to Charley she  always moans and groans but then as soon as we’re outdoors she’s running, jumping, picking up big sticks, stepping in puddles and ultimately releasing the crazy amount of energy she has within.

I really hope each of my girls look back on the nature walks and hikes we went on and appreciate the time they spent just being.

Being in the moment. Being a kid. Being playful. Being imaginative. Being free.

In essence, I hope if they’re ever having a bad day they know they can turn to nature to lift their spirits.

I’m not always going to be there to try and make them feel better, but I hope my voice is within them whispering, get outside.







*Charley and I wore our matching Peekaboo Beans Break Free Jackets on this hike. 

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*I’m a proud Peekaboo Beans Ambassador. They’re on a mission to support play and healthy child development. Now that’s something I’m very proud to promote.

2 thoughts on “A love for nature is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children

  1. Wonderful post Jamie 🙂 I personally LOVE getting outside, but my family also needs a little extra encouragement. In all fairness, I appreciate it way more now than I did as a kid. These super cute jackets are the perfect hiking attire. I totally appreciate that they pack and layer well.

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