Having your period doesn’t have to suck! How we’re raising period positive daughters.

Fun fact:

Did you know when I was pregnant I secretly wished all three times I was having a daughter?

In fact, when I was pregnant with my first-born I was told I was going to have a boy. And then after fourteen hours of strenuous labor, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl!

I didn’t even know she was a girl until I heard the doctors calling her a precious little princess. My husband and I both looked at one another in complete and utter shock and said, “It’s a girl?” I remember feeling overjoyed, but I also remember feeling a bit sad for my husband who was looking forward to having a son.

I’m not sure why I even felt bad. In hindsight, it was so silly. Despite my feeling bad for him, he was just as overjoyed to have a healthy baby regardless of its gender.

Fifteen years later, we’re raising three very different, dynamic, bright and confident daughters.

Unfortunately, my husband and I have had many encounters with people telling us they feel sorry for us because they’ve heard raising girls is more complicated than raising boys, especially during the preteen/teen years.

Although this may be true, the only reason I believe this to be true in some capacity is that girls menstruate and boys don’t!

In my opinion, raising both genders will come with its share of complexities and challenges.

What it’s like Raising Daughters Who Have/ Will Have their period. 

Nevertheless, we are raising daughters who have or will have their period. We’re pretty open in our home about the topic because I believe it’s something they shouldn’t fear, nor should they be ashamed of.

For this reason, I’ve been very conscientious of making sure when the experience did/does arise for them it feels positive. In fact, I may have gone overboard and even suggested a period party! You know, a celebration with everything red, with family and friends to mark this transition into being a woman. My girls wanted nothing to do with that so I guess I will have to respect their wishes. LOL

So how did my husband and I prepare them for this glorious, amazing, rite of passage?

First and foremost, when I heard my husband make awkward comments about the topic because he was uncomfortable, I had a talk with him about the fact that this was going to happen whether he’s comfortable with it or not. I mentioned he will give his girls a more positive experience if they feel comfortable talking with both of us about it.

Now that our eldest has had her period for a few years, you bet he’s the dad in the grocery store line up purchasing a few packs of pads and tampons for us.

Secondly, I’ve discussed with my two older daughters things such as: How to tell when it may be coming. For example, if they begin to notice body changes like breast growth, pubic hair, and underarm hair. If they are showing these signs, then it’s best to prepare them a period kit.

In the period kit, I put a few pads and a  change of underwear in a zippered pouch that fits easily in their school bag.

In the event that, they don’t have their kit, I mentioned they should tell a teacher, school nurse or counselor they feel comfortable with.

In addition, some other things we’ve discussed with the girls are things such as; How long it may last, How they can take care of themselves each month, When to change their pads, The irregularities that may be associated with having their period, and of course we couldn’t forget, Pre Menstrual syndrome. You know, the good old, cramps, bloating, acne, mood swings, tender breasts, and more. Despite how awful those symptoms sound, I made sure to keep it positive with my tone.

I honestly talk about my period like it’s the best thing ever!!!! Mostly because it usually means I’m not pregnant, and that gets me excited because I don’t want any more children. Perhaps I should get on some type of contraceptive, but I think this is a topic I can save for another post. LOL

Al in all, raising girls who have their periods isn’t as bad as it may seem. My teenager does become a bit emotional right before it comes, and we always know to give her space or let her have her cry because my husband and I know from experience to simply leave her alone.

Seeing as my eleven-year-old daughter has watched her sister go through this experience, I feel confident she is fully prepared for when the time comes, even my six-year-old knows all about periods! Maybe she’ll let me throw her a period party when the time comes.

What I wasn’t prepared for 

One thing I wasn’t prepared for however is how active my girls were going to become.

Our teenage daughter dances three days a week, and our eleven-year daughter plays field hockey and basketball. When my daughter asked me if she still had to play sports if she has her period, I told her she didn’t have to if it was too heavy. The last thing I wanted was her leaking while playing and then feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed. And then when I found out about Lunapads new sports shorts, I changed my mind!

In fact, I was introduced to these shorts when they first launched. My oldest daughter and I took part in a fun photoshoot wearing the shorts, and now my daughter wears them to dance classes when she has her period. They’re SO soft and comfy, and they give her the confidence to move to her heart’s desire without feeling self-conscious and worrying about unwanted leaks.

In addition, I’ve done my at-home workouts in the Lunapad sport shorts, and I wore them to yoga once. I’m excited to try them out in the water this summer!

*Thank you to Lunapads for sponsoring this post. All opinions about raising girls who have their periods are my own AND I asked my daughters permission to talk about this subject on my blog and they were cool with it because…we’re a period positive family!  

About the Lunapads Sport Short 


“The Lunapads Sport Short can be worn on its own or under other activewear to prevent leaks while doing whatever moves you, from soccer to basketball to yoga – even a quick dip in the lake or ocean.

Zero waste, period. 

All off-cuts and textile waste from manufacturing the Sport Short has been recycled, making this our first end-to-end zero waste product!”

At Lunapads the future is period positive! Check out their assortment of smart reusables made for every need and every body.


*images: Danie Easton of Eastowest Productions.




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