Holding onto the fleeting moments

My youngest no longer needs a push on the swing. I’m in a place where I can watch her smile proudly as she pumps her legs herself.

It’s a whole new view from here.

It’s interesting how when she used to ask for a push this voice inside would say:

I can’t wait for her to do it herself.

And now that she’s doing it herself, I’m wishing I could make time stand still.

Sometimes I’m so excited for the empty nest days when our daughters are all grown up, and other times I want to bottle up the fleeting moments I have with them.

However, sometimes, I’m not overcome with sadness about how fast they’re growing up or wishing they were all grown up and moved out of the house so my husband and I can have some time alone.

Instead, I’m simply in the moment, being fully present with them.

What I’m beginning to realize is this is the best way to hold onto these fleeting moments.

In other words, being fully present with my children will make it easier to remember the vivid details of the memories we make.

I know it isn’t easy. But as I get older, and they get older, I guess I can feel more fear within.

Fear of missing out.

I know it’s impossible to be in the moment with them every second of every day, but when I do give them my full undivided attention, this makes them feel seen, valued, and heard. I feel this incredible connection to them, that I don’t feel when I’m distracted.

In essence, I want to remember it all, even the messy, and the mundane because these moments are so much of my life and so much of theirs.

These are our stories to tell. ❤️

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