Becoming my boldest, most confident self in business and life with YuSchool- a six week online program

Being my boldest, most confident self in life and business is one of my top values. I get SO excited when it comes to doing the work it takes to feel really good within! Although this hasn’t always been the case. I used to avoid any type of uncomfortable personal growth because it isn’t easy, but it is so worth it!

Last year I began to lose my confidence. I wasn’t feeling like my typical self.  I wrote about these feelings about how I basically began to revert back to feelings of insecurity, and anxiousness. These feelings did not feel good on the inside.  I wrote a blog post about what I uncovered about these feelings. (You can read it here. )

In short, I had to become vulnerable, let go of perfection, and dig deep in order to uncover the reasons I was feeling this way. I had to allow myself to feel the negative feelings rather than run away from them.

This process wasn’t easy. I  had to be really self-aware and most importantly have the willingness to want to let go of the things that weren’t making me feel good within so I could get back to my boldest, most confident self.

The first step I took in order to feel better on the inside was committing to an exercise routine of thirty minutes per day. This has been such an amazing release, and I feel stronger, happier, less anxiousness and more confident. I’ve been exercising consistently since the end of November.

Additionally, I decided I wanted to continue the work to feel good within. For this reason, when I was introduced to YuSchool, a 6-week life design framework that teaches confidence and clarity in service of building a dream life, I was very intrigued!

Although I’m feeling like my old confident self again, I wanted to continue this self-work because I feel there’s room to feel even more confident and I want this confidence to transcend into all areas of my life.

I couldn’t agree with Tonia Mattu, Founder of YuSchool more when she mentioned: “There is no way to be fully connected and engaged with the world without first going within and deeply getting to know yourself.”

This is the reason she created YuSchool.


Tonia Mattu is a life stylist, the founder of YUOLOGY, and creator of YuSchool.

She has been a media sales professional in Vancouver, a mindset, and motivation coach in New York City, and an NLP practitioner. 

She’s coached execs from US News, MSNBC, CBS, Dow Jones and Time Out New York. Her first book, Stilettos in the Snow: 25 Steps from Stuck to Serendipity, will be published in the spring of 2018.

So what is this YuSchool I’ve decided to take part in?

YUOLOGY is a life design framework designed to take individuals from stuck and disconnected, to confident and crystal clear on who they are.

It’s literally the study of YOU, based on connecting to five elements: 

YUOLOGY 5 elements of success
YUOLOGY 5 elements of success

We believe that connecting people to their authentic selves will help them find true success in their lives; creating more freedom, happiness and flow – and, a little bit of serendipity-fueled magic – in the world.

YuSchool includes:

  • ✔️ 37 professionally produced videos
  • ✔️ 100 page workbook
  • ✔️ meditations, visualizations
  • ✔️ a student community
  • ✔️ weekly Q&A group calls with Tonia

I’ve been loving the videos, and it’s super easy to follow the online format. Best of all, I can watch the videos and answer questions/journal in my workbook on my own time. So far, I’ve completed the first module on Vulnerability. I’ll be writing another blog post midway through the course to share with you how it’s been going.

If more confidence has been something you’ve been wanting to work on but just don’t know where to begin YuSchool is still open for registration!


*I’ve partnered with Tonia Mattu Founder of YuSchool to share with you my experience in this program. All opinions expressed are my own. 



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