5 reasons you should plan your next birthday party celebration at Parq Vancouver #playatparq

When my husband and I went on a date night at Parq Vancouver to kick off the new year kid-free at the end of December I suggested to my sister perhaps she may like to celebrate her thirtieth birthday here.

(You can read about our ultimate date night here.) 

My sister loved the idea and decided this was the perfect place to celebrate her thirtieth birthday!

Seeing as this was a milestone birthday celebration, I was excited to help make her day feel memorable and special.

I know this may seem weird but for some reason, I enjoy planning and making other people’s birthday celebrations special, but I never want to do anything on my own birthday lol! 

We booked a room at The JW Marriot located in Parq Vancouver. It was so nice to get ready in the beautiful girly room with the most gorgeous view before heading out for the rest of the evening. We had some drinks, jumped on the beds in our robes, enjoyed the stunning view and I took some fun photos of the girls.




While my sister was getting her makeup done in the room my best friend and I went down to the Victor restaurant to decorate the private dining room.

We wanted my sister to be surprised when she walked into the room.



All of my sisters favourite things on the cupcakes!



The private dining room at Victor is stunning and the decor we chose for her birthday complimented the already beautiful room perfectly.

My sister was extremely happy when she walked into the private room.  We had the room for as long as we wanted and closed the curtains so it felt extra intimate. In addition, the music was playing, laughter filled the room, and we took some polaroids with the birthday girl.

I could have stayed in the room all night (the granny in me lol) however after dinner we walked over to D6 Bar & Lounge where we had a table area and continued the celebration. (I made sure we brought some of the balloons over with us.)

Additionally, the great thing about having a room at JW Marriot was how easy it was to take some of our belongings and the birthday girls gifts back up.

We danced, enjoyed drinks and cocktails, took a million photos, and then walked (some stumbled) back to the beautiful room at JW Marriot and past out!

In the end, my sister ended up having such a fun and memorable birthday. Although she felt a bit on the hungover side from one too many birthday drinks when she woke up in the morning she doesn’t regret the great night she had celebrating this milestone birthday.

Below are five reasons why you should book your next birthday party celebration at Parq Vancouver: 

1. You don’t have to leave!

I think this was my favorite thing about celebrating at Parq. From checking into the hotel room to going to dinner, and then to the lounge, and back to the room. We didn’t have to cab anywhere else (in the cold). It was so easy!!!

2. There’s a variety of places to dine for your birthday.

Whether you’re craving Asian, or steak, Parq offers a few different dining destinations to suit your cravings.

3. It feels like you’re in Las Vegas but cheaper on the wallet!

There’s a Las Vegas vibe but we’re in our own city without having to spend money on expensive flights.

4. The front desk service at both hotels, The Douglas and JW Marriot are exceptional.

As soon as we stepped out of the elevator we were approached and asked if we needed any help with the balloons we were holding. They took them out of our hands and straight to the restaurant.

5. You don’t have to love partying to celebrate here!

In fact, you can have a brunch birthday or high tea followed by a spa date. There’s a variety of birthday party celebrations to choose from depending on how you wish to celebrate.

All in all, sometimes planning a birthday can feel like a daunting task. For this reason, I highly suggest celebrating at Parq Vancouver it’s just so easy and non-stressful (which feels good on the inside).



*Thank you to JW Marriot for hosting our stay!










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