10 Instagram accounts that promote vulnerability, courage, and authenticity

Instagram is probably one of the most used apps on my phone. I love sharing my personal/family life adventures, as well as blog stuff, events I attend, brands I’m working with, inspirational quotes and more.

In other words, I share everything on my Instagram I feel relates to my personal life and blog. I love how much this app has connected me with other people in the community, and I’m especially loving using Instagram stories.  The behind-the-scenes I can share on Instagram stories, with the fun fonts and filters make the video sharing feature so fun!

Lately, however, I’ve noticed a lot of talks online about comparisons and social media, and how this app is negatively impacting people.

Although this app is so great for connecting people it can also feel like a double-edged sword.

I wrote a post in the past titled, Sharing and Comparing: The trouble with social media 

If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, and you have noticed negative feelings such as not measuring up, or perhaps an account is making you feel like your life isn’t good enough, it’s imperative to examine why this account is making you feel this way.

Moreover, if you can’t shake these negative vibes, then it’s probably best to unfollow (without feeling guilty).

Needless to say, following accounts that resonate with you leaving you feeling uplifted, inspired, recharged, and motivated is a great way to shake the negative vibes that are sometimes associated with spending too much time on social media.

Have you read: Keeping our children safe online; The danger of role-playing on Instagram? 

You know the saying, “You are the people you spend the most time with?”

I believe we are also what we consume on social media. It affects us whether we realize it or not! Therefore, if we’re going to be affected then we might as well be affected positively.

For this reason, I’m sharing some of my favourite inspirational Instagram accounts.

These accounts basically remind me to become the best version of me, in life, business, and my relationships so I can show up in the world with more vulnerabilty, courage, and authenticity.

  1. Raw Beauty Talks 

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to form a deeper sense of self-love within, Raw Beauty Talks Instagram account goes beyond the highlight reel. This account always leaves me feeling inspired to show up and love myself for me regardless of what my appearance may look like.

2. Create The Love 

I love the quotes that are shared on this account from Mark Groves. He’s a relationship expert and this account inspires me to work on continued growth within myself so I can show up in my relationships fully.

View this post on Instagram

The behaviours we allow and the boundaries we don't honour communicates to everyone around us what is acceptable, and what is not. We are literally training our (potential) partners. • When we don't respect our own needs and allow ourselves to be mistreated, lied to, walked over – it's not these actions that are the sole cause of our pain and suffering….It's that we've accepted this is how we're ok with being treated. It's that we've made this other person more important than the one person who should always be loved first… Ourselves. • Get clear with what you need and want. If there are behaviours of others in your life that are poisoning your life…it's time to speak up. If you've been speaking up and they haven't changed, then it's time to change your environment to one that is in line with your heart. • You are the company you keep. Choose loving company that supports and nurtures your passions, purpose, and dreams. #createthelove • To learn how to master this sign up for the recording of my webinar on Boundaries – it’s available if you click the link in my bio!

A post shared by MARK GROVES (@createthelove) on

3. Jenna Kutcher 

I love how Jenna Kutcher bravely shows up in her bikini and shares her raw thoughts, and journey toward positive body image and self-love. The vulnerability in her posts is really refreshing. She’s also very generous with sharing her tips and tricks on growing a brand.

View this post on Instagram

Fat. Beautiful. Unhealthy. Real. ✨ All words that have been spoken about my body from others and from my own mouth. I want you to pay attention to the first thing that came to your mind when you saw this. ✨ Maybe you thought you’d never post a photo like this or that it’s refreshing to see a curvier body unapologetically on display. ✨ Over the last year I’ve focused on those thoughts, the inner dialogue, I’ve changed the way I speak to myself, the way I label bodies and define my own. ✨ This is the first time I’ve wore a bikini in awhile and I think it’s because I’ve spent the last year following accounts where people challenge the definition of beauty and sharing what loving yourself can really look like and helping me to see that beauty isn’t a size or shape, it comes from within. ✨ You are in control of your experience online, you are in control of the conversations in your brain, you are in control of how you choose to define beauty. ✨ Double tap if you believe every body is a bikini body, every body is beautiful. #celluLIT #aeriereal

A post shared by JENNA KUTCHER (@jennakutcher) on

4. Brittin Oakman 

I love Brittin Oakman’s writing & poetry.  She shares her truths so eloquently and they always inspire me. Her Instagram account also reminds me of my own love for writing. 

5. Alex Elle 

My favourite thing about this account I love to follow is the posts Alex shares when she writes words of affirmations, or wisdom on a torn sheet of paper. I think it’s so creative and I’m always inspired by her ability to share her truth.

6. Story Of Mar 

I love the way this creative beauty account is different from others I’ve seen. It’s full of truth bombs,  vulnerability, and it inspires me to stay true to me. It’s easy in the creative digital world to conform but there’s just something about reading Mar’s words that always lead me back to being me.

View this post on Instagram

I love the underdog. /// • I love the girl who no one expects will stand her ground. The girl who surprises even herself in moments of discomfort and confrontation. • I’ll vouch for the girl who’s not afraid to go it alone. Who understands that showing up is not about societal pressures or creative ego. • I’m inspired by the girl who can admit when things aren’t going so well. The girl who can admit when she’s wrong… The girl who can vocalize her lessons without fear or worry of judgement. • I love the girl who understands that power doesn’t have to be grand and cunning. That it doesn’t have to be loud. That power can be quiet… refined. Removed. Slow and steady – like real work. • I love the girl who hasn’t confused wanting success with needing approval. Who doesn’t equate her worth with who’s interested. Who won’t succumb to the easiest thing – like doing what others are too busy doing. • I want to know the girl who asks questions. Even when they feel hard… I want to stand beside the girl who innovates because it’s her nature. And not because it’s her goal. #superpowerincluded

A post shared by MAR GROOT (@storyof.mar) on

7.  I am her tribe 

Ah! Another account on Instagram I love to follow because of the vulnerability in the writing. I also love the way this account is about women supporting women.

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what is the quickest way for me to disconnect from my source? comparison. ⠀ for a very large part of my life i didn't have the healthiest relationship when it came to women. ⠀ i lived in comparison, and competition, and would push aside my power the second i didn't feel worthy of my surroundings. i built a high fence around my heart to keep others out, but lived in the irony of desperately wanting to belong. ⠀ today, i am still defining what it means to belong. to myself, and here, coexisting with you, in this moment. ⠀ when i get scared, when i feel as if i am sharing too much of myself, i remind myself to remain open, to keep choosing this work. for it's through this opening my vulnerability has created i have called in my most cherished female connections. ⠀ the best piece of relationship advice i have ever received is: find someone you want to do the work with. ⠀ our world expands when women show up together to be in the work. women who unapologetically take up space on their own, yet still wholeheartedly believe that what the others are creating is just as brilliant and beautiful as her very own. ⠀ #iamhertribe image: @courtneylouise_1 xo

A post shared by Danielle Doby (@danielledoby) on

8. Sunny Lenarduzzi 

Sunny Lenarduzzi’s Instagram account inspires me to want to build my business and my brand, and I think the reason I’m really drawn to Sunny is that she is so vulnerable on her Instagram stories. In addition, once in a while, she’ll write a courageous, and vulnerable post like this one below. If I could hit like a million times on this one, I would!

View this post on Instagram

"Be honest, isn't it easier for YOU?" The emphasis on YOU, with an undertone of "have you looked in a mirror lately?" or "you're only successful because of your looks". But, here's the truth… A big part of my success is that exact question. You would rather play my success off on my looks than look at yourself in the mirror and question why you aren't where you want to be. Keep questioning my intellect and why I'm successful and I'll keep rising for the real reasons… I was a straight A, honour roll student. I get off on educating myself. I work my ass off. I'm constantly evolving. I invest in mentors and learn from the best. I've failed 1,000 times. I've been burned 1,001 times. And yet, I get up and get on with it. Why? Because I know my purpose. My purpose is far beyond anything aesthetic. My purpose is to create a massive positive impact by empowering entrepreneurs to share their message on a bigger scale. To go beyond their insecurities and show up for the audience they want to serve. Because looks may get your attention, but substance creates success. 📸 @trendiakphoto

A post shared by Sunny – Marketing Expert (@sunnylenarduzzi) on

9. Glennon Doyle 

After reading her truthful memoir, Love Warrior, I became obsessed with Glennon Doyle’s writing. In her work, she says “Truth-telling unlocks people” and I could not agree more.

Have you seen this post; Truth Telling Unlocks people my favourite quotes from Glennon Doyle Melton? 

10. Free To Be Talks 

This account reminds me that social media is not real life! It’s refreshing to read these truthful, educational posts when I scroll my Instagram feed. Also pretty obsessed with Free To Be Talks because it’s purpose is to help the next generation grow up with healthy body image and self-esteem.


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