“What you appreciate, appreciates” my mindset on social media growth

Have you ever heard a saying and it resonates so deeply?

Perhaps they resonate because they are the exact words we need to hear.

When I came across  “What you appreciate, appreciates” this really struck a chord within.

I actually came across this saying in an episode of Super Soul Sunday. ( It’s my favorite show) Oprah was interviewing an author who was speaking about finances. She touched on the topic of scarcity and feeling like things are never enough. And then she went on to saying when we appreciate what we have, this energy we put out into the universe, appreciates.

This saying clearly has a lot to do with eliminating the scarcity mindset (not having enough) and applying more gratitude to our mindset.

Although this episode was about finances these words about appreciation put some things into perspective for me when it comes to my social media/ blog following.

It’s so easy to fall into this scarcity trap. The mindset that tells you over and over things aren’t enough especially when you’re trying to grow a business/brand.

Our culture tells us over and over that we need more!!

We need more likes. We need more followers. We need more engagement. We need more people to see our videos, read our articles, buy our products, etc.

Sadly, this scarcity mindset is making people ridiculously unhappy.

It’s impossible to feel happy when we’re constantly seeking more and not appreciating what we already have.

I know the articles that circulate the internet when you’re running an online business suggest things like, “How to get more followers” “How to increase your online engagement” “How to get more likes” etc, etc.

And although I know these things are important for online growth,  I also believe that appreciating what we already have, is equally, if not more important.

For example, last year I made this silent commitment to myself to truly appreciate the followers I do have, rather than focusing all of my energy on gaining more.

Perhaps this is bad business/growth advice in our culture because everything we hear is about gaining more. But I didn’t want to lose myself in the rat race of trying to get where everyone else is so fast. I didn’t want to get stuck in comparisons. I wanted to stay in my lane.

And I knew in my heart that appreciating the people who’ve been reading this blog from the beginning and appreciating the comments, likes, and engagement they give to my content daily is far more important than only being concerned with gaining more.

Last year I hit a wall on Instagram. In fact, my following has been stagnant for over a year. With the changes to the algorithm, it feels impossible to gain followers organically. This has left me feeling at times rather frustrated.

However, although the status of my following stayed the same last year, the number of opportunities & collaborations that came my way grew!!

I trust in my heart that this is because I consciously made an effort to decrease my frustration and turn this negative emotion into practicing gratitude instead. In turn, this enabled me to show more appreciation to my existing community. The community I’ve built this last four years.

I know there were some brand collaborations I may not have been the first choice for because of the number of followers I have (or lack thereof), but I’m ok with it.  I strongly feel when these types of opportunities don’t work out for me based on my following status, then it’s simply not the right fit for me.

In order to stay authentic while running an online blog/brand, I believe we truly have to be grateful. Grateful for the opportunities that come our way and grateful for the community we’ve built, no matter the number.

When we focus on what we do have everything begins to feel like it’s enough.

So if you’ve felt stuck with your exterior growth (the number of followers you have) or perhaps some other areas in your life, tune inward. Cultivate appreciation. Cultivate an “I have enough mindset” and watch as what you appreciate, begins to appreciate.  







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