Why we love private swim lessons with Propel & {giveaway}

Did you know my most viewed blog post to date was the one I wrote a few years ago when my husband had his drowning experience?

It’s one of those things I think about from time to time, and the memory of almost losing my husband always surfaces for me when we’re in or near the water.

I can’t even imagine what it feels like for my husband. He does tend to be more cautious when our girls are in the water than I am. He constantly reminds me to “keep my eyes on them” if they’re in the water without an adult.

Although I do “keep my eyes on them” I guess I’m more confident in their swimming abilities than he is because he will always vividly remember what it felt like when he was drowning.

I remember him telling me he thought his life was over. It was extremely scary, and this near-death experience gave us so much perspective on the things in life that are truly important (like learning how to swim properly)!

You can read about what happened that day here.

After this experience, it was evident his self-taught swimming abilities weren’t enough.

We talked about taking adult lessons. He didn’t, however, end up taking the lessons we talked about, but we did enroll our youngest daughter in lessons because at the time she didn’t know how to swim.

Sadly, drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children, so being able to swim is an essential life-saving skill.

Once she began her lessons she progressed quite quickly. She passed the preschool lessons without failing a class and then we became busy with other extracurricular activities. Therefore, she didn’t go back to lessons for quite some time.

This past summer our family spent a lot of time swimming at the lake, in the ocean, and at various pools. My husband and I noticed our youngest daughter Charley’s swimming abilities were decent, however, we could tell she still needed some more practice.

At the end of summer vacation, I had every intention of signing her up at the local community center by our house so she could start the swim kids program. The only problem is I was last-minute (like usual) and the lessons were all booked up.

The one thing I really dislike about the community center group swimming lessons is how fast the classes fill. And the second thing I dislike about the group lessons is how little time my daughter would get with the swim instructor. I remember my other daughters standing at the wall waiting for the instructor for more than ten minutes during a half an hour lesson!

For this reason, when a friend from Propel reached out to me offering Charley and my husband some private lessons (she knew about my husband’s experience) my husband and I agreed it would be a great idea.

Why we love swimming lessons with Propel


Charley was super excited to have some private lessons and when we arrived at The Ramada pool she was in shock that her and the instructor Renee had the entire pool to themselves for a full hour.

I was in shock too! I wasn’t used to seeing any of my daughters in this type of swimming lesson and I could quickly see why people prefer private lessons over group ones.

During Charley’s lesson, I could hear her huffing and puffing because she wasn’t used to swimming so much. I guess she was used to standing at the wall waiting for the instructor. In this case, she had a full dedicated hour with her friendly, animated, and fun instructor Renee. (And a very good sleep when she got home).

During her first session, Renee spoke with me about some of the goals I have for Charley and then she took it from there.


Charley says she loved everything about private swimming lessons with Renee. In fact, she keeps asking me when we’re going back for more!

The one thing she said she didn’t like was having her dad join her for a few lessons. She said it wasn’t a “private” lesson anymore with her dad being there.


I guess she enjoyed having Renee all to herself!

I think from now on we will stick with private lessons. I noticed Charley’s swimming improve dramatically after her three private sessions. I feel she learned more in a fraction of the time. Plus, with private lessons at Propel, I don’t have to worry about wasting money on missed classes. The prices at Propel are comparable to public pool lessons but the difference is that with Propel, I can choose the instructor, and I can book/cancel online anytime.  It was also a more comfortable, less busy experience on-deck. I sat on cozy lounge chairs, and there is also towel service. No laundry for me! Yippee!

Best of all, it was great for my husband who was a little embarrassed to take lessons at the community center pool.



Propel creates access to affordable private swim lessons in local pools, giving you the flexibility to book anytime with your choice of instructor and location

I`ve teamed up with Propel to offer 100 free private swimming lessons for the month of December!!

Valid one per customer, new clients only, the lesson must be booked by December 31st and be used at either location in Richmond or Langley/Surrey.


 I read somewhere that swimming is the only sport that can save a person’s life! So why not give the gift of saving someone’s life this holiday season with Propel.
Gift certificates can be purchased here: https://blog.propelhq.com/does-propel-sell-gift-certificates/

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