Vancouver Telus Santa Claus Parade recap from Charley

👋 I’m Charley.

I stayed at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver the night before the Telus Santa Claus Parade with my family and I felt like I was in New York!

I lost my second front toofffff and sang, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” and then I had a crazy pillow fight with my sister in the hotel room and my mom kept telling me and my sister we were going to get kicked out.

I finalllllly went to bed after making my dad cuddle with me on the cot. (He always gives in to me).

When I woke up there was 💰 under my pillow from the tooth fairy! She gave me fifty cents. I think 💭 because last time she gave me $10?

I put it in my purse and brought it with me to Breakfast with Santa.

Breakfast was a buffet.

I love buffets!! 😍

I filled my plate with a waffle full of chocolate and whip cream and then I went to the hot chocolate station and filled my mug with scoops of marshmallows and chocolates. It was SO goooood.

My mom said my teeth are all going to fall out and I told her they already did last night!

After I finished eating, someone asked me what was in my purse so I pulled out all my bills and made it ☔️.

And then I sat on Santa’s 🎅 lap with my entire family because we had to take a photo for the @telus Instagram takeover my mom was doing.

I told my mom she can’t steal their phone! And then she explained to me she wasn’t stealing their phone 📱. I walked away while she was talking because…. gingerbread men decorating station!!!

After breakfast, we went to Robson Square, and guess who was there?? THE GRINCH!

My dad tried to get me to take a photo with him and I cried my eyes out. I did NOT want to do that! My dad calmed me down by giving me a candy cane.

We danced, played games and then went and sat down and watched the #telussantaclausparade 🎅🎉

Telus gave us hot chocolate, toques, mittens, purdy’s chocolate, granola bars, and… stuffed animals!!! I took three and put them under my jacket and told everyone I was having pregnancy.

Someone told me they like the way I dance 💃🏻 because they see it on my mom’s Instagram stories and I said, “are you stalking me?”

Her and my mom laughed, but I was serious!

Anyway, I gotta go now. I can hear my mom yelling at me to put my pajamas on🙄.

Thank you, Telus for inviting my mom to steal your phone.

It was the best day ever!!!!!! 




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