Taking care of your health from the inside out infographic

Check out this infographic from Elysium Health, it contains advice on taking care of your health (and even features some of my own).

ElysiumSCBGsti (1)

I love the advice that’s offered and truly believe that small steps do equal big change!

Having an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s affects my metabolism so I’m always looking for ways to improve my health from the inside out!

The first steps for me are to let go of guilt so I can take care of myself.

I have to remind myself that self-care is not selfish. It’s imperative and will help me tremendously while living with a chronic illness.

Additionally, I find it helpful to let go of negative self-talk. When our inner dialogue is filled with negativity it affects our overall wellbeing. When we think positive thoughts we are more likely to feel better about ourselves and this transcends into all areas of our life.

Also, when I practice having an attitude of gratitude everything in my life begins to feel like enough.

This mindset helps me refrain from comparisons, which have a really negative effect on everyone’s happiness.


Try writing a few things down in a journal that you’re grateful for every day. I assure you this practice will help you have an attitude of gratitude.

Tonight I’m going to sleep earlier. That will be my one baby step to take care of me!

What health and wellness advice would you provide if were asked?


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