Celebrating life’s moments big & small

On Saturday it was my husbands birthday. The days leading up to his birthday I kept asking him if he wanted to celebrate and he kept saying he didn’t want to go out and make a big deal of it. Last year I planned a big bowling party with his friends and family and we had such a great night.

This year I asked countless times if he wanted to do something like the last year and he kept insisting he didn’t want to. He said he would be tired from working all day and he knew we had to wake up early the next morning to take our kids to activities. In other words, he would be asleep at 10 pm.

So how did we celebrate my husbands birthday when he didn’t want to do anything?

I couldn’t let my husband NOT celebrate his birthday. In fact, it was eating me up inside. I kept thinking about everything he does for us, how hard he works and simply how selfless he is.

I respected his wish not to go out and spend hundreds of dollars. So I invited some family members over and told them we would order his favorite food.

The morning of his birthday I  received some blogger mail from Tostitos Canada. It came with a huge assortment of chips, salsa, a banner, balloons, recipe cards, and confetti. It really couldn’t have come at a better time!

After we opened up the celebration basket, I drove the girls to the mall so we could grab a few things for him for his birthday. When we were driving to the mall to shop for some of his “inexpensive” favorite things, I began telling the girls how bad I felt. I wished I could give him everything in the world to show him how happy we are that he was born! I was telling them he deserves all the happiness in the world, and how guilty I was feeling because I felt like I was giving him the lamest gifts in the world.

Our middle daughter replied with,” Yeah, I feel bad too.”

And then our youngest daughter, Charley, yelled something I will never forget.

She responded in the confident, boisterous way she always does and said:

“We are his best gifts, DUH!” 

All of a sudden while I was laughing about her comment, I had a quick flashback to a heated argument my husband and I had in our younger days. We were driving in the first car we had together, with our toddler in the backseat, arguing about not having enough. Actually, I was complaining about our financial situation and in an intense tone, my husband yelled, “I don’ give a crap about that stuff.” “I have everything I need.”

After the flashback, I closed the car door with a smile.

We walked through the mall, bought my husband a few things and then we went home and ripped open the Tostitos celebration package. We hung up some of the decorations, wrapped the gifts, and Charley made some easy snacks with the Tostitos chips and salsa for us to enjoy at my husbands simple birthday celebration.



Here we are fourteen birthday celebrations later with not one but three daughters and here I am still stressing at times about things not being enough, and here’s my husband continuing to be the content, simple, selfless man he’s been since day one (although he’s a bit older and would rather sleep at 10 pm).

He loved the snacks Charley made with the Tostitos. He wasn’t mad that Jada ditched him to go and babysit and he passed out at 10:30 pm which means he did, in fact, party harder than he would on a regular day!

The only thing he said he was disappointed about on his birthday was that he didn’t get the new Taylor Swift album. LOL

In all seriousness, even though we didn’t have a grandiose birthday celebration I’m happy we did something.

All of life’s moments big or small are worth celebrating!

Thank you, Tostitos Canada for the celebration package. It provided us with everything we needed to make the day feel effortless and extra special.


Check out Charley’s simple birthday party Tostitos recipe below:

A simple snack like Tostitos® tortilla chips are crowd-pleasing staples that can turn up any moment into a great get-together.


Charley loved preparing something on her own and I LOVED being able to sit back and watch her.




Perhaps this is something your kiddos can make at your next get-together!

Charley’s Bday party fun Tostitos recipe

What you’ll need:

1 bag of Tostitos Scoops

1 bag of Tostitos Rolls

1 jar of Tostitos salsa ( any flavor you like)

Shredded cheese


Place scoops and rolls on a tray. Scoop salsa into the Tostitos scoops. Sprinkle cheese on top and serve!

Stocking the cupboard with pantry essentials like Tostitos® chips and salsa ensures every get-together is effortless.


*This post was written in partnership with Tostitos Canada











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