Give the gift of equality this holiday season with One Girl Can’s Holiday cards

When I began volunteering on the fundraising committee with One Girl Can Africa a few years ago, it was because I met Lotte Davis, co-founder of AG Hair and founder of One Girl Can at an event where she shared her story of being a native South African who saw firsthand the gender inequality, injustices, and lack of education for girls in Sub-Saharan Africa. When Lotte realized her and her husband’s business AG Hair, was financially in a place where they could give back (and their own girls were finally grown), she embarked on her journey back to Africa to fulfill her passion for educating girls in a place very close to her heart. A place she knew her contribution and efforts were needed to help break the cycle of poverty.

The personal stories Lotte shared the evening I met her about some of the girls who received an education through her organization were truly inspiring. I was curious to learn more about this organization after hearing Lotte’s story and I knew I wanted to somehow get involved.

The sad reality is: there are 120 million girls living in poverty in Africa. In addition, most girls families survive on less than a $1.90 a day, drop out of school before reaching high school and will marry before they are 18. 

For this reason, the work One Girl Can is doing to help break the cycle of gender inequality and poverty is so critical!

The impact One Girl Can has made

To date, One Girl Can has built 6 schools, provided scholarships for 190 girls and mentored 7,000.

I’m in awe of Lotte’s commitment, drive and passion to help break the cycle of poverty and gender inequality with One Girl Can. You can read more about how she got started here.

“Every trip to Kenya and Uganda over the past 9 years has been filled with trial and error, discovery and learning, implementation and modification. This trip was different. Upon visiting with some of our students, it was immediately apparent that our momentum has taken hold, that the fundamental programs we’ve developed are working. While we continue to embrace the belief that continual adaptation is the only formula for growth and accomplishment, it was thrilling to meet with a cycle of young women who prove that we are indeed moving the needle on gender inequality in Kenya and Uganda.”-Lotte Davis on her recent trip to Africa

Why I’m committed to working with One Girl Can

As a mother of three girls, and someone who sadly took her own education for granted, I want my girls to understand that education is something we should never take for granted. I want them to know how fortunate they truly are.  I also want to continue to educate my daughters on global awareness.

Therefore, I’m committed to volunteering with One Girl Can by helping with their annual #Iwant2be fundraising events. By doing so, I’m modeling to my daughters that small acts of giving back really can make a huge impact. These volunteer efforts start a dialogue with my girls surrounding gender inequality, education, global issues and giving.

How our family is giving back this holiday season with One Girl Can

During the holiday season, children can easily get caught up in the “excess” of gifts, which is why I’m so excited about One Girl Can’s #equalityoverexcess holiday campaign. They have a range of gift-giving solutions, from professionally printed greeting cards to digital e-cards.

100% of all proceeds will be donated directly to educating girls in Africa! 

We will be purchasing these cards to give to their teachers for Christmas. This small act of kindness is a simple way my girls can contribute to educating girls in Africa and it’s a great way for them to experience that the gift of giving doesn’t always have to be in the form of excess gifts. In addition, I believe their teachers will be very pleased to know the gift they received helped educate girls in a place where education is vital in breaking the cycle of gender inequality and poverty.

These cards are also an ideal gift for teachers, babysitters, co-workers, neighbors, or your secret Santa!

 This year has been a big one and gender equality has been at the forefront of many conversations. This holiday season you can show your support for women worldwide with a One Girl Can holiday card. Educating girls is proven to have a massive societal impact, and is being hailed as the solution to global poverty. 100% of your purchase will go directly towards paying an African girl’s school fees.

The purchase is simple and instant through the website, and you know your money is going to a good cause because 100% of your money is going directly towards educating girls in Africa like Winne. Winnie is from Nairobi and has applied for a scholarship to attend university through One Girl Can. She applied for the bachelor of the actuarial science degree program and hopes to help her country solve financial issues. Winnie is a bright girl who had some setbacks while attending secondary school due to both of her parents losing their jobs. She is determined to do better if given the opportunity to attend university.

 Your purchase of One Girl Can’s Holiday cards will help girls like Winnie reach their full potential.

USE CODE WINNIE when purchasing your holiday cards and your purchase will directly go towards her scholarship fund!

Paying it forward is more meaningful than any gift money can buy. #Equalityoverexcess

I hope you’ll consider these holiday gift cards this holiday season!

*This post was written in partnership with One Girl Can 

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