My childhood dream vacation to Hawaii finally came true!

When I began Styling The Inside, making a living from the words I type wasn’t even something I considered or ever thought was possible! I had no idea what I was doing,  and admittedly, some days I still don’t. But I continue to keep evolving and growing this business/ brand of mine because I’m passionate about writing, storytelling, and creating content that aligns with my mission to help others create a life that feels good.

Needless to say, I’m so happy this little old blog of mine has become my business, and with the support of my community (you, my readers) I was finally able to make one of my childhood dreams come true this Summer.

The Dream

When I was a young girl, I sat in my living room one day after school watching an episode of my favorite show Full House. The episode I was watching was the one where the family goes to Hawaii. Growing up in a household where we had to live within our means meant we didn’t do any extracurricular activities outside of school, and we never went on family vacations. I remember so vividly sitting on the living room floor with my eyes glued to the screen watching in envy as Stephanie and DJ swam in the turquoise blue water riding on the dolphins. I was in complete awe. “One day”, I told myself, “I was going to go there”.

And then I grew up and life happened and travel was something that wasn’t really a priority because we had our first daughter so young. In fact, we also had to live within our means.

A few years after our first daughter was born, we had our second daughter. And we began to travel a few places. My husband and I went to Vietnam. A family member was getting married so we decided it was time to check out my husband’s motherland.  It was an incredible experience. In addition, we also took our daughters to Mexico and Disneyland/California and I went to Las Vegas a few times.

All of these trips were great, but they weren’t places I dreamed about visiting since I was a child. My dream vacation was Hawaii ( I can thank Full House for that) and this year when my husband and I were planning our 10 year wedding anniversary Hawaii was the place I wanted to celebrate this milestone with my family.

So, I booked our trip, and…


Below is some Instagram captures I shared during our holiday. I’ll be sure to share a more in-depth post about our adventures, but for now, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for supporting my business, and my writing and the things I share because without your support this little business of mine would not have been able to make my childhood dream vacation come true and take my family to Hawaii!

Did you know?

Studies show that experiences make people happier than possessions.

This is why I would rather spend any extra money we have on experiences instead of things! I’m so grateful for the priceless memories we made this summer in Hawaii and I can not wait to go back one day!

At the end of the day:

“We are the sum total of our experiences.”


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Woke up yesterday on our 10 year wedding anniversary to my husband telling me he loves me and that I'm the best wife. I laughed and said, "because you've had so many wives". His response, "no seriously, I hear people complain about their wives all the time (🤣) and I only have nice things to say about you." ❤️ The thing is, he always has nice things to say about everyone and that's one of the many reasons I married him. He's the epitome of nice and funny and selfless and I'm going to stop now because I don't want to get all cliche on you. We didn't end up having a romantic dinner or anything like that but we did spend the day paddle boarding in Haleiwa with family (we saw the biggest turtles swimming around us) and then we went to Waimea Valley and swam at this waterfall. I'll admit I felt disappointed for a bit when I didn't get my hubby all to myself on our anniversary but we did wake up to his mom and sis surprising us with mimosas, chocolate and fresh leis. (I married into a very thoughtful family.) Charley woke up telling us she wasn't going to whine at all because she didn't want to ruin our anniversary. Lol! And then when we were at the waterfall everyone told us to have an anniversary kiss 😘 Later on, the kids overheard us bickering about how we didn't get alone time together and then I said, "Well, we could be bickering about NOT wanting to spend time alone together. I think the fact that we crave time alone with one another is a good indicator we're still in love especially after being with one another for 15 years!" Marriage isn't always romance and alone time (especially with kids) but appreciating the simple things, laughter, compromise and speaking one another's love language is a sure-fire way to make it last. #bestanniversaryever #thisis10yearsofmarriage. . . . .#hawaiivacation #stylingtheinside #travelwithkids #familyvacation #travelblogger #parentswhowander #vancouverblogger #lethawaiihappen #marriagegoals #explorehawaii #alohaoutdoors #ventureHawaii

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