When your fashion inspiration runs dry, here’s where you can turn

*This is a guest post written by Jessica Harvey 

Trying to always come up with a new outfit to wear every day can be very tricky indeed. And there might even be times when you are out shopping and none of the garments on the shelves seem to jump out and catch your attention. This, my friends, is an example of when your well of fashion inspiration runs dry. And it’s not a good situation to be in!

You should think of losing your fashion inspiration as writer’s block. It will only last for a short period, but during that period, you will be at a complete loss of what to wear. You just won’t have any sartorial ideas!

Don’t worry if you do ever suffer from a lack of fashion inspiration and ideas, though. Here are some places you can turn to for some much-needed motivation and influence.

Take A Break

Maybe you have run out of inspiration because you have run out of steam? If you have been constantly thinking about fashion and style for as long as you can remember, it’s understandable that you might experience some kind of burnout sooner or later. So, you might want to take a break from fashion for a day or two. Be sure to recharge your batteries, and when you return to thinking about clothes and trends, you will be full of lots of new ideas.



Follow Fashion Bloggers

Do you already follow some fashion bloggers? If not, it’s worth finding a few whose style you like and admire. Fashion bloggers are always updating their websites with articles and photos of all the latest trends and styles. You will certainly be able to stay one step ahead of the curve if you take some hints and tips from all these bloggers! And, as their blogs are updated on a daily basis, you will get some fresh enthusiasm each and every day. Why not sign up to a few fashion bloggers’ newsletters so that you get plenty of style influence direct into your inbox.


Read The Blogs On Clothing Websites


It’s not just bloggers who regularly post updates to their blog. There are also many clothing stores which have now added a blog to their website, and these are often updated with fresh and unique posts and articles. Just take a look at the posts on The Iconic Edition blog, for example. Lots of these blog posts show you how you can get your favorite clothing items for less, and some even have some great insider secrets and tips about certain cities.


Flick Through Fashion Magazines


If looking through all your favorite fashion bloggers’ websites doesn’t seem to help fill you with some newfound inspiration, then you will have to look elsewhere. Why not pick up a few fashion magazines next time you are out at the shops? Many magazines are written by fashion writers who have a lot more experience than the bloggers, so this is a great place to go if you want a sneak peek at what all your favorite designers are doing. They will be filled with lots of gorgeous images of all the recent catwalks and fashion shows – somewhere where the fashion bloggers aren’t normally able to get to.



Look To Your Favorite Celebrities


You will no doubt have your own set of favorite celebrities who you love to read about in all of the gossip magazines. Well, rather than simply reading about their lives, why not take a closer look at what they are wearing? Celebs are always right at the cutting edge of fashion and whatever they are wearing now will be all over the shops in a few months’ time. One fun idea is to take a picture of a fashion-forward celebrity with you when you are shopping, and then trying to recreate their outfit with clothes you find in the shops.



Just Go Shopping


Did you know that the best way to overcome a bad case of writer’s block is to just carry on writing? And this is the same thing when you are going through a dry spell of fashion inspiration. You just need to go out and shop your way through it! When you are out and about in all the shops, you will see lots of different clothes and styles, and seeing plenty of items will hopefully fill you with a lot more creativity.


Hopefully, you will never be bored with fashion anymore now that you’ve read this blog post. So, go out and hit the shops to see what you find on the racks!


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