Love always wins when you love yourself first


Yesterday morning when I heard the tragic news about Las Vegas I broke down. I’m not sure why this incident hit me harder than some of the other ones, but it did. I walked around the kitchen all morning tearing up. It felt like I could feel the pain and burden of the world on my shoulders. I couldn’t stop thinking about anger, and hate. I went on social media and saw so many posts sending prayers to Vegas, and a lot of quotes that said, “love is all we need” and “love conquers all.” This really got me thinking about love and how it’s universal. In contrast, it can also be pretty scary for some people. The fear that surrounds love can keep people so guarded,  or the hurt from feeling unloved can just break people, leaving them with the opposite emotion; anger.

We can say spread love and love is all we need during these dark times but if we don’t love ourselves first we can’t possibly take action.

The people out there who are putting hate into the world are really truly hurting on the inside.

And this just breaks my heart.

I remember feeling so angry when I was a child and it was because I didn’t feel loved which in turn made it even more impossible to love myself.

My inner hate turned into anger. It was the only way I knew how to articulate my hurt.

When I began to do the inner work to feel good within, my energy shifted. My anger eventually turned into love. It took a lot of self-awareness, confidence boosting, finding a positive mentor, compassion, and forgiveness for myself to get to this place, but I did. I love myself even more for being patient with myself. I realize that anger is a visitor. I have to tell myself it’s ok to feel upset and then find healthy ways to turn this emotion into love. For example, when I’m loving myself I’m taking a nature walk, a jog in the forest, a moment to sit in stillness and be grateful for everything in my life, eating healthy nourishing food,  and putting myself first. When I’m not loving myself, I’m resentful and less patient.

This loving yourself first thing is really a life-long process.

During times when tragic events occur in our world, it’s so easy and natural to feel helpless. However, what we can do is work on loving ourselves first. This love will transcend into every facet of our lives and then we can be the light in our homes, for our kids, in our workspace, and community.

It begins within.

My heart was aching yesterday but I just have to remember to be the light and to continue spreading the message to create a life that feels good on the inside.

Love always wins when we love ourselves first. Xx


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