The #getdelicious wellness retreat at Four Seasons Whistler helped me style the inside of my life

I haven’t really been able to articulate in writing the way I feel after being at The Life Delicious #getdelicious wellness retreat at the gorgeous and cozy Four Seasons Whistler. There was a lot to digest, but it was seriously just what I needed! I’m so glad I gave the excuses in my head a kick to the curb and went. I truly believe the universe brings us exactly what we need, and this retreat was EXACTLY what I needed!


What did I learn and take away?

My biggest takeaway from the entire three-day retreat was that being mindful ( conscious of the way our thoughts, words, and actions make us feel) is the first step we need to take in order to truly transform our lives.


Creating a life that feels good on the inside


It’s my mantra.

It’s the philosophy behind my blog.

It’s my personal brand.

Let’s be real here. We don’t always feel good. As much as social media may trick us into believing everyone feels good all the time, the reality is everyone is on their own personal journey of self-discovery. And on this journey of self-discovery, tapping into the things that make us feel good (and not so good)  is the first step in becoming conscious.

When we’re conscious, we begin to live in accordance with our values and honor our true self.

On the first day of the retreat, we discussed how mindfulness (being conscious of how thoughts, words, and actions make us feel) is the first step in transforming our lives.

It really begins within.

We can’t form new healthy habits that pertain to the 5 pillars of wellness in the Life Delicious curriculum if we’re not being mindful of how things make us feel!

I love how Catherine begins the retreat with this being her first part of the lecture/discussion. Although there was so much to digest in the time we were there,  this is what resonated the most for me.

You have to ask yourself questions such as:

” Does this serve me?” “What doesn’t”

I know that saying yes when I want to say no, doesn’t make me feel good. I know that ignoring my intuition, eating too much junk food, and being sedentary for too long doesn’t serve me either.

Therefore, being aware of this and feeling the uncomfortable feelings that surround these emotions ( emodiveristy, which is another topic we learned about) help me “marinate” (Catherine’s word at the retreat) in the things that make me feel good, like a run, real conversations, positive thoughts, connection, & inspiring others.

I’m my best self when I’m honoring these feelings,  which in turn, make me a happier person.

And isn’t this what we all want?

To live a happier existence?


If you’ve been feeling a disconnect with yourself: get still. ( Catherine dives into this topic too!)

Ask yourself how things make you feel.

It’s the only way you’ll be able to truly begin to style the inside of your life.

You need to hear your own voice.

It will tell you what you need.

I heard mine on the drive up to the retreat in solitude, and then on the way home from the retreat is much more loud and clear.

In Catherine’s words, “Knowing what you need & who you are, help you set healthy boundaries to honor that.” 

The one tool/strategy I learned at the retreat I feel will be most impactful in my life

Take inspired action!!!

We learned from Catherine that inspired action only lasts five seconds. Isn’t that crazy? After five seconds we talk ourselves out of whatever it is we felt inspired to do.

Last week my intuition told me I should message a few friends and when I messaged them to see how they were doing I found out things weren’t really going to well for them. My message uplifted their day and it was all because I took inspired action right away to message them when I was thinking of them. If I didn’t do it right away I may have just thought of them and left it. I listened to my gut and took inspired action.  I am going to consciously try to take this inspired action by counting backward from five like Catherine suggests and then like a rocket ship blast off!

This could pertain to going for a run, talking to a stranger at an event, or simply messaging a friend when I’m thinking of them. All in all, this was a simple tool I learned which I know will be super effective in styling the inside of my life.

My favorite part of the weekend

This is a no-brainer for me. My favorite part of the weekend was the connection I felt with the other people at the retreat. We are human. We need connection. This was one of the 5 pillars of wellness we discussed.

Connection with others boosts our happiness! My happiness was definitely boosted being surrounded with like-minded people who are on the path of self-love, self-discovery and bettering themselves.

We need to feel seen, heard, and valued in order to feel connected with others. I felt this so strongly at the retreat and want to continue to surround myself with people who make me feel this way.


All in all, I highly recommend The Life Delicious Wellness Retreats to anyone who would like to work on improving their lives from the inside out!

You get to eat yummy, healthy food, exercise, stay at a nice hotel with the use of the amenities like the spa, pool, hot tubs, steam room, and gym. In addition, you get to connect with like-minded individuals, surrounded by nature, while learning tools to help you create healthy habits.

Below are some photos I took when I wasn’t fully immersed in the 3-day retreat learning The Life Delicious 5 pillars of wellness curriculum with the most positive, energetic, and amazing facilitator,  Catherine Roscoe Barr!



About The Life Delicious

The Life Delicious is a simple and efficient template based on neuroscience and mindfulness to help you hardwire habits that best serve your life.

The curriculum includes powerful, in-depth modules on:

1. Mindset

2. Movement

3. Nutrition

4. Sleep

5. Connection

The Life Delicious holistic wellness curriculum will equip you with powerful, science-based tools to take charge of your mental, physical and spiritual health, and achieve greater success!

Upcoming #GetDelicious retreats:


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