Clean out your closet for a cause and help single mother-led families

September always feels like the new year for me. I think it`s a mom/back to school thing. I always feel the urge to purge and getting our family organized after our unstructured summer vacations is something I feel needs to be done.  I`m also one of those people who loves to purge regularly. It just makes me feel so good on the inside when our home feels less cluttered.

In January I did a huge purge because I wanted to begin to truly live with less. Less stuff equals less cleaning and therefore less chaos. That being said, things were beginning to feel a bit chaotic again at the end of summer so I began to purge. This time, however, I knew I had to purge my closet. It’s been a MESS all summer.

Coincidently when I arrived home from our family holidays I received a package from the Cause We Care Foundation with information about their latest charitable campaign: Clean out your closet for a cause.

Seriously, it was meant to be! I love supporting causes that are near and dear to me and Cause We Care is definitely one of them.

Cause We Care Foundation is a Vancouver-based registered charity, founded to assist local single mothers and their children in need.  They assist families in need in the Metro Vancouver area through a variety of outreach and funding initiatives.

I have so much respect and appreciation for single mothers. It’s not easy raising humans with a husband so I can only imagine how much tougher it would be on my own!  Thankfully, organizations like Cause We Care support single mother led families. I’m so happy to support their latest charitable campaign doing something I love to do: cleaning out my closet!

Throughout September, Cause
We Care is working with retail and
media partners to promote clothing
consignment to support single
mothers and their children in need.
September’s Clean Out Your Closet for
a Cause month encourages
Vancouverites to host a consignment
party or bring their gently used
women’s clothing, shoes and
accessories to any Turnaboutlocation
in the city (West Broadway, 4th
Avenue, South Granville or Main
Street). Proceeds from the items
donated to the Cause We Care Foundation account will go directly to the charity
when they are sold.

How you can get involved:

  1. Host a clothing donation event for your friends or coworkers
  2. Bring clothes directly to any TURNABOUT location. Visit TURNABOUT.CA to find the one nearest you.
  3. Share your event on social media and challenge others to host their own and don’t forget to tag #SINGLEMOTHERSTRONG

Individuals interested in hosting a consignment party can register through the Cause
We Care website (

Proceeds from the sale of items will go
towards community development initiatives, including affordable housing,
employment training and afterschool care programs for women-led families in need.

Sometimes I hold onto pieces of clothing because I think I’m going to wear them again someday and then I never do! For this reason, when I cleaned out my closet for this initiative I did not hesitate when I was deciding what to donate. It was easier knowing the item could either sit in my closet for a few more years and collect dust or proceeds from the sale of the item could go towards helping a single mother in need. Let’s just say, I filled the bag to the top!

I hope you’ll decide to fill a bag too!

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