Avoiding summer “brain drain” with #NELSONLoveofLearning Disney Learning products

*This is a sponsored post in partnership with #NELSONLoveofLearning products. Views and opinions in this post are my own. 

Summer is in full swing. The kids have been enjoying the longer days, sunshine, sleepovers, ice cream, and late nights. They’ve been on trips to the beach, pools, water parks and currently, we’re on a vacation.

Although I love watching my girls enjoy their days to the fullest, I also can’t help but worry a bit about them experiencing some learning loss, otherwise known as summer brain drain.

Research suggests it can be especially challenging for younger children to remember some of the key learnings they learn throughout the school year when they have too much of a break.

I have never been one to force my girls to do hours of learning during summer vacation but I do set aside twenty to thirty minutes a day of quiet/rest time. During this time my girls can read, play math games, and work in workbooks.

My youngest recently received some learning products from NELSON. She was super excited when she saw her favorite Disney Characters on these NELSON Disney Learning products. She received math learning cards, pre-k, K, and grade 1 reading,  writing and math workbooks. These books have been her go-to during summer learning time. I especially like these products over other ones I’ve used in the past. Each book and the set of learning cards include information on ways to support your child’s learning as well as ways to challenge them with some extra learning.


In addition, I noticed the NELSON Disney Learning workbooks have been something my daughter chooses to work on without me having to ask! She doesn’t willingly work in her other random workbooks. In fact, I would usually have to tell her to work in them!


Thankfully,  now that she has her NELSON Disney Learning workbooks, summer learning is less of a chore. Furthermore, her workbooks keep her occupied outside of our twenty-thirty minutes of learning time. She uses them in the car on long drives, she also packed her books for our recent vacation and used them on the ferry ride. She’s even been using them in our hotel room.


Best of all, when I have to get some work done she will sit beside me while I’m working, and she’ll do her work! (It’s actually been quite a blessing because working from home during summer vacation when the kids are out of school is no easy feat!) When she’s finished a page, I will look it over with her, and give her a sticker that’s provided at the back of the book. She loves choosing the sticker! It makes learning fun, especially when you’re rewarded with your favourite Disney characters. In addition, there are also certificates provided at the end of each workbook to reward them for completing. I find these help my daughter stay excited and motivated.


The other day, I heard her say out loud while working in one of her books, “YES! I’m SO good at this!”


I love how these books and math cards are increasing her confidence and I LOVE hearing her speak in such a positive way while she’s learning. I want her to always have a love for learning without it feeling boring, dull or frustrating.

Last summer I remember her giving up very easily and getting frustrated when she couldn’t figure something out, and then she would just give up.

It’s nice to see that she’s motivated to keep trying.

In all honesty, any concerns I was beginning to have about her getting summer brain drain have dissipated. She’s going to go back to school in the fall with confidence in her abilities thanks to the NELSON Disney Learning products.

About NELSON Disney Learning products

NELSON offers a  series of educational products that blend quality learning content with beloved Disney characters. Created in collaboration with educational experts, this series is designed to help your child practice key concepts learned in school to support academic success.

The series is developed in collaboration with educational experts to encourage children to continue learning beyond the classroom. Each activity is designed to support the Canadian curriculum and boost your child’s confidence in math, reading and writing.

The products range from Pre K to Grade 2 and subjects include early learning, literacy, and mathematics.



I hope this post has inspired you to encourage a love for learning even in the summer months.

Use code DUNLOP10 when purchasing your NELSON Disney Learning products at nelson.com/disneylearning



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