Feeling all the feels, even the negative ones

Hello👋 there. I’m a human. I get negative thoughts and feelings. I am not positive 💯 percent of the time!

Here’s the thing, I let negative feelings in. I allow myself to feel the uncomfortable, uneasy, messy emotions that come along with being human.

And let me tell you, it isn’t always easy!

It’s VERY easy to avoid the uncomfortable.

When life gets hard we have the tendency to avoid, to numb, to run away! It’s so easy to do this! 

Allowing myself to feel uncomfortable

I try my best to let the negative feelings ebb and flow through me. I treat them as if they’re visitors that flow alongside me to give me the perspective to teach me how to love every inch of myself. 

And loving every inch of yourself is a lifelong practice!

How to allow yourself to feel uncomfortable emotions

The next time you feel negative try letting yourself “feel” the emotion. 

Ask yourself why you may be feeling this way? 

Spend some time in nature.

Write your feelings in a journal.


Most importantly, get still. 

Allow yourself moments of stillness, so you’re forced to be with yourself and your feelings. When we’re constantly busy it reduces our capacity to think and feel deeply.

Turning negative emotions into positive ones

People are so quick to put their positive pants on to avoid the pain that’s associated with uncomfortable feelings. I say, wear the negative pants for👖 a bit, let the feeling visit you so you can actually feel what it’s trying to TEACH you and then…positivity will visit you…until it’s time to practice loving yourself again! 

This is Styling The Inside 🌟

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