Only 2 hours from Vancouver Hells Gate Airtram is a must-see attraction with your family

Last weekend our family woke up bright and early for a mini road trip to  Boston Bar to visit Hells Gate Airtram.

We left bright and early on a Sunday morning. The scenic drive took two hours from our house with one stop for some gas and Tim Hortons.

When we arrived at Hells Gate Airtram, the girls were super excited to ride the Airtram. I was a bit apprehensive as I’m afraid of heights. However, the magnificent views overlooking the Fraser River made it all worth it!


Suspended over the gorge on a 40mm track rope, Hell’s Gate Airtram is one of the steepest fully suspended trams in North America.


In 1970, construction of the site began from concrete work to the stringing of the cables. The upper and lower terminal buildings are both anchored by bolts that revert 20 feet into the bedrock. This airtram is built by Habegger Engineering Works of Switzerland.  40 tonne counterweights are located at each end of the cable, anchoring it in place. The airtrams travel on this track rope, driving the motor to move the trams.


The ride was short and we went got to the bottom we could hear the roaring sound of the Fraser River. During our hour and a half visit, we panned for gold (my daughter’s favorite activity) checked out the fudge shop where we had some yummy ice cream, took a ton of photos, visited the gift shop and walked the suspension bridge.

Side Note: You can visit the gift shop and they will give you a complimentary vile to put your nuggets of gold in. It makes a lovely keepsake of your visit to Hells Gate. 










There are so many beautiful spots to take photos!





We were surrounded by mountains, the sound of the Fraser River, fresh air, and even animals, all while learning about the History of Hells Gate Airtram.

Hells Gate is a stunning British Columbia destination I’m so happy we finally visited. Best of all,  it was only a short drive away!




Ah! British Columbia, you’re a beauty. We’re so lucky to call you home.

Hells Gate Airtram  43111 Trans-Canada Hwy, Boston Bar, BC V0K 1C0 – MAP

5 thoughts on “Only 2 hours from Vancouver Hells Gate Airtram is a must-see attraction with your family

  1. I have wanted to visit with the kids! But everytime we drive from Prince George to Chilliwack we get there at 4 when they close 😦

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