10 reasons why you need a Domestic Objects play tent for your child

I’ve been obsessed with play tents since I was a kid. I remember building forts with my sisters out of sheets and elastic bands. We would sleep in them and play house in them all while letting our imaginations run wild!

Last year I came across a gorgeous handmade tent on the Domestic Objects Instagram page. It was set up in a child’s playroom and I  loved the way it looked! Don’t get me wrong, I love when my children build forts, but I have to be honest, I don’t really love the clean up after they’re done playing with it. In addition, I’m not a huge fan of the way it looks in my home when there are sheets and chairs all over my living room. It’s an eye sore for me!  I have an eye for design and great home decor so when I saw the Domestic Objects play tents  I immediately thought to myself: This will look fabulous in my home!

In retrospect, a Domestic Objects play tent would have been perfect when I ran a multi-age child care.  I would have placed it in the quiet time corner with a shelf full of board books so the kids could relax in a peaceful corner in the tent while looking at books.

I no longer, however, have a childcare center but I do have a six-year-old. I want to continue to provide her with opportunities for imaginative play because this is how children learn best.  A tent is a great way to stimulate a child’s curiosity and imagination!

Furthermore, Domestic Objects play tents are the perfect way to style the inside of your home, and most importantly your child’s life.

Fostering a child’s imagination is imperative for their well-being.

Essentially, I want my children to remember the fun they had using their imaginations like we did when we were kids!

10 reasons why you need a Domestic Objects play tent in your child’s life

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  1. This tent will spark your child’s curiosity and imagination. It will provide them opportunities for pretend play and get them off of their devices.
  2. If you have a child who has difficulties getting down for a nap, this tent could potentially be more appealing to them. In fact, my daughter has fallen asleep in hers on a few occasions and she doesn’t even need a nap anymore.
  3. You can bring it to the park. pool, lake, and beach for shade! Plus you’ll also have the most stylish shade tent 😉
  4. You and your child can have a picnic in it.
  5. You can hide their toy mess in it! 😉
  6. It’s the coziest spot to read books with your child.
  7. It can be the perfect prop to go “glamping” in your backyard.
  8. Your child can use it inside and outside, all year long!
  9.  Your child can invite friends and siblings to join them on their imaginative adventure. There’s plenty of room!
  10. Your child can have a sleepover in your bedroom and it won’t bother you because they’ll be in the tent and not take up your entire bed.





About Domestic Objects

Domestic Objects is taking fun back to basics with handmade, play tents that stimulate a child’s natural curiosity and sense of play.

In early 2014, Sarah Jagger, mother of two and unintentional entrepreneur, decided she needed to do something about that in her own family. Her passion for her own kids’ well-being led to the founding of her play tent business, Domestic Objects.

Children’s online games and educational programs are designed to be engaging, with the companies that create them spending millions to ensure the flashing lights, beeps and “interactive” elements appeal to their young audience.

Jagger wanted her little ones to disconnect from the digital age and reconnect to themselves. 

Noting that her young children loved to hide in and under things, Jagger came up with the idea of a play tent to stimulate imaginative and creative play. She searched for a ready-made one in a fabric that suited her style, as well as a size and configuration that would work for two growing children and fit into her home. When she didn’t find what she was looking for, she rolled up her sleeves, dusted off her sewing skills, and made it herself.

Domestic Objects was born when Jagger posted her very first teepee on social media and orders poured in. The tents were refined over time and improvements continue to be made in the design and fabrics, thanks to feedback from customers. 

Three years in, Domestic Objects offers eight different imaginative play products, including teepees and canopy beds in an array of stylish fabrics, matching floor pillows, whimsical accessories and even a children’s book, The Play Tent of Imagination, which Jagger wrote. All products ship worldwide through the Domestic Objects website and the company’s Etsy store.

Domestic Objects play tents are even popping up in Hollywood, where celebrity blogger and tastemaker Tori Spelling recently embraced Jagger’s concept for her own children.

Like a child’s imagination, there’s no limit to Domestic Objects’ future. With new products set to launch this year and international orders on the rise, Jagger is traveling the world— family in tow—seeking out fabrics, supplies, and ideas to bring back to the business so that her exceptionally well-made play tents can continue to inspire the imaginations of little ones all around the globe.



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