Support Big Sisters of BC at the Big Yoga for Big Sisters yogathons this Summer

Mentoring has a powerful impact on the lives of young girls. We know that 96% of adults who had a mentor as a child say they are happy and 92% feel confident.


A while back I wrote an Instagram post about why being an ambassador for Big Sisters of BC means so much to me. In short, it’s because I had a mentor growing up and if it wasn’t for the positive guidance and influence she had in my life I honestly don’t know where I would be today. You can read what I wrote about how much she meant to me below. Although she wasn’t a mentor I had through the  Big Sisters programs she was still a mentor nonetheless. The lessons she taught me and confidence she helped instill in me is invaluable and will never ever be forgotten.

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I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for the positive guidance and mentorship I received from a mentor when I was an at-risk youth. I was lost, suffered poor self-esteem and had a tremendous amount of body image issues. I made unhealthy choices, and even dropped out of school. My self-esteem was shattered. I was broken. And then I met this woman who helped me slowly learn to love myself. Sadly, however, she's no longer here today and I never did get to thank her. . A few years ago, I could feel her strong presence with me. I could feel her with me while I was on my morning jogs. It felt like she was running along with me. Her presence felt like wind blowing past my ears, whispering, “Keep going Jamie, I’m proud of you” My eyes would well up with tears, while memories of her would come flashing before me. I could vividly remember us sitting in her office, laughing, talking about our favorite quotes & discussing poets like Maya Angelou. Our most popular topics of conversation were usually based on confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. She always said the right things to make me feel better. She made me feel loved, especially when I wasn’t loving myself. . My mentors name was Maureen. She had blonde, curly, shoulder length hair. She had beautiful, bold, brown eyes, a pointy nose and her smile…her smile grinned from ear to ear, with prominent laugh lines on each side. She ate a multigrain piece of toast with organic jam spread on it, every morning. She lifted weights, and always took care of her physical and mental health. She loved butterflies 🦋In fact, I still have a hard cover journal with butterflies on it that she gifted me. On the inside of the cover it says, "Jamie, always be you.” Maureen didn’t teach me academics, but she did teach me some of life’s most valuable lessons. She was my life teacher, my mentor, and friend. I’m forever grateful for the invaluable time we had with one another. I miss her, but I still feel deeply connected to her. She is always close to my heart, fluttering like a butterfly flickering her beautiful wings. . Needless to say, this is why I'm a proud digital ambassador for @bigsistersbclm #stylingtheinside

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About Big Sisters

Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland provides supportive mentoring relationships to young girls who may be facing challenges like bullying, isolation, poverty, abuse, social anxiety, low self-esteem and more. Research shows that mentoring has a powerful impact on the lives of young girls. We know that 96 percent of adults who had a mentor as a child say they are happy and 92 percent feel confident. Since 1960, Big Sisters BCLM has been changing the course of young girls’ lives. Our experienced caseworkers carefully match Little Sisters with female adult mentors who help them reach their full potential, avoid risky behavior and make healthy choices.

Upcoming Events to support Big Sisters of BC

Big Yoga for Big Sisters yogathon on July 8th in North Vancouver, followed by two other dates in New Westminster (August 12) and Vancouver (September 9).


“We are proud to expand Big Yoga for Big Sisters into North Vancouver and New Westminster this year,” said Brenda Gershkovitch, Executive Director at Big Sisters BCLM. “We’re especially excited because this means more participants will be able to be a part of creating a healthy community, just like the Big Sisters program.”


In its second year, Big Yoga for Big Sisters is comprised of three events, in three communities, on three different dates this summer. Participants have the option to sign up as an individual, start their own team, or join a pre-existing team. They can also choose the full, six-hour yogathon or the three-hour half-yogathon, depending on how into yoga they are. Participants are asked to raise a minimum of $100 to support vulnerable girls in the Lower Mainland


Open to all ages and all levels, Big Yoga for Big Sisters will include a variety of yoga styles and classes. Proceeds will go towards supporting Big Sisters BCLM’s three mentorship programs that help girls gain the skills, tools, and confidence they need to grow into their full potential as adults. 


Registration is quickly filling up and can be done through the Big Sisters BCLM website. Upon registering, participants are welcome to start their own team of up to 10 people, sign up with a pre-existing team, or as an individual to be placed on a team; after all, making good matches is what Big Sisters BCLM does best!

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