Using probiotics to heal on the inside

*This post was written in partnership with Renew Life Canada 

I’ve been suffering from an autoimmune disease for over a decade and only until recently have I come to learn about the connection between my gut health and my disease. Experts say, it all starts in the gut, and after changing up some of my diet and taking Renew Life probiotics, I’m beginning to see how much the things I was ingesting were causing inflammation in my body. This, in turn, was creating some major flare-ups from my autoimmune disease.

In fact, studies have linked good bacteria to immune system function. Clearly, I wasn’t producing enough good bacteria which was most likely part of the reason I was having flare-ups from my auto-immune disease!

In the fall, I began going to see a naturopath/doctor and she highly recommended I begin my healing journey by balancing the good and bad bacteria that live within my digestive tract. In other words, she recommended healing my gut first.

In addition, she recommended eating dairy and gluten products in moderation, drinking plenty of water,  limiting sugar, exercising and taking a probiotic daily supplement. She said many of her patients seen some positive results with getting their body back on track from following these recommendations.

I’m happy to say that I haven’t had a flare-up for about 6 months. My lab test results came back within range for the FIRST TIME in almost two years! I feel more clarity, more energy, and I rarely feel bloated (unless I eat something I probably shouldn’t  like a giant piece of pizza).

*I’ve been taking the Ultimate Flora Go Pack from Renew Life Canada. Each capsule contains 50 billion active cultures from 12 different bacteria strains including one known for its ability to help fend off respiratory infections. Since I’m avoiding dairy, I’m so happy I can get my probiotics from sources other than yogurt! Best of all, this one doesn’t require refrigeration so I can pack them with me wherever I go!

Want to keep your health on track too? Read this Top 10 reasons to take probiotics from Renew Life Canada.


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