When function meets fashion: Dressing my energetic child

My youngest daughter is always…MOVING! When she was in the womb she was a kicker. I could feel her doing somersaults in the middle of the night and as soon as she came out of the womb she was a fussy, loud, demanding newborn. We had to pretty much wrap her like a burrito in a swaddled blanket with velcro so she would stop fussing and moving and feel content.

When she became mobile, she was a determined little baby! She would roll her body where she was determined to go. I remember her being so determined to get the decorations hanging from the bottom of the Christmas tree. She would roll her chubby little 5-month-old body towards the tree where I caught her grabbing the balls off the branches.

As soon as she started crawling, I would find her in places like the bathroom where she would be pulling toilet paper off the roll. When she would see me she would crawl away with toilet paper hanging out of the corner of her mouth as fast as she could! She knew she was up to no good!

When she started walking at 9 months (yes, 9 months!) she would ALWAYS run away from us as soon as her wet feet hit the floor after we got her out of the bathtub. She was a soaking wet toddler who we had to chase around the house with a towel and diaper while we tried to get her to dry off and get dressed.

In addition, I was the mom at the playground when she was a toddler who had complete confidence that she was agile enough to navigate climbing on her own. I remember a mom asking me if she was my second or third child, while she followed behind her daughter.  I guess it was pretty obvious when I stood from afar watching her. Her gross motor skills have just always been so…on point!

Today, she’s an ambitious, competitive, flexible, 6 -year -old who plays soccer, goes to a 2-hour gymnastics class once a week, swims like a fish and jumps off the high diving board ( no fear) rides around on her scooter like a BOSS and is always busting a move without a care in the world what anyone thinks!

In other words, she’s super high energy! Give her some sugar and you’ll wish you didn’t! LOL Unfortunately she isn’t a newborn anymore and I can’t simply dress her in a onesie and swaddle her like a burrito so she stops moving. I’m pretty sure that would be considered abuse.

So how do I dress a child who is ALWAYS on the go?

Well, let’s just say, she can’t stand wearing any pants that have buttons, and zippers. I have to pull teeth to try to get her to wear denim bottoms so I’ve basically given up on that. She always says the denim feeling is so…rough! I can’t blame her. I don’t like wearing jeans either. So why was I trying to make her wear stuff that wasn’t comfortable just so she could look cute? I know I feel much more confident when I’m wearing comfortable clothing, and I always want her to feel comfortable and confident too.

For this reason, when I was given the opportunity to become a Peekaboo Beans ambassador, I was so happy! I’ve always loved their style of clothing because of the quality. It’s ethically made, the founder is Canadian, and most importantly the clothing is made for children to move and play without restricting their ability to feel comfortable and confident.



My daughter LIVES in her Peekaboo Beans playwear. She can still be her energetic, dancing, cartwheeling, scooting around, and doing the monkey bars self!

If you’re looking for clothing to dress your energetic child in that lasts through the years, I highly recommend Peekaboo Beans!


My daughter will be rotating through her favorite pieces this summer ( she chose herself) and we just ordered some more from the Summer collection which just launched.

I’m so passionate about fostering physical activity, promoting confidence, and positive well-being which is why being a  Peekaboo Beans ambassador is so fitting, especially being the mother of such an active child!

In conclusion, a child shouldn’t feel restricted when it comes to playing because of the clothing they wear.

Children need to play and move in order to grow, thrive and learn and Peekaboo Beans is my daughter’s favorite clothing to do this in!



Disclosure: I’m a Peekaboo Beans Ambassador. I receive clothing and discounts in exchange for my honest reviews and social media promotions. As always, all opinions are my own. 

2 thoughts on “When function meets fashion: Dressing my energetic child

  1. Love this! It’s not often you agree with your kids on what to wear. It’s nice when fashion meets function.

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