I love watching what I want, when I want! #streamteam

Can you believe my mom still rushes home to catch her soap opera show at whatever time it’s on television so she doesn’t miss it?  I’ve been with her at 3:45  at the mall and then she suddenly gets this sense of urgency to get home so she doesn’t miss her 4:00 pm soap opera!  I can’t even remember what that feels like! I mean, I used to do that when I was a kid. I would get up early on Saturday mornings so I didn’t miss my favorite shows and after school, I always watched Full House and Saved By The Bell.

It’s so crazy (in a good way) how the times have changed!  I never have to feel the way my mom does about missing a show.  I mean, technically she doesn’t have to either, but she’s old skool and would rather not record her television shows and sadly she has no clue what Netflix is.

There aren’t any shows I’m currently watching,  but I simply love that I can watch what I want on my own terms.

Flexibility is my jam! 

I would hate it if I was missing my favorite shows because I was busy doing something else.

When our family watches our Netflix shows

The kids love to catch up on their favorite shows after school before extracurricular activities. My teenager catches up on her favorite tv series in between her dance lessons and homework sessions and she stays up super late on weekends catching up on shows she didn’t have time to watch during the week. Furthermore, my husband and I catch up on what we love after the kids go to bed. I’m into documentaries and my hubby loves watching tv series.

When our oldest daughter was young we used to walk around the video store on Friday nights and rent movies. My goodness, that feels like it was a longgggg time ago! LOL

Family movie nights used to happen on Fridays but now we have impromptu movie nights when there’s a Pro D day the next day, during holidays and even on the occasional gloomy Sunday.

We all pretty much watch what we want, when we want ( well, the kids can’t, because I still make them go to bed at a somewhat decent hour and I don’t want them watching anything that’s inappropriate). But you get my drift.

What are your favorite times to watch Netflix?

unnamed (3)


*I’m part of the Netflix Stream Team, all opinions expressed, as always, are my own. 

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