Teaching my teenager to shop responsibly

*Disclosure: This blog post was written in partnership with Groupon. I received compenstaion for this post. All opinions, as always, are my own. 

Gone are the days I used to shop for my eldest daughter.

It used to be so simple.

I would choose her clothing, and she would like it!

Now that she’s an independent teenager, she prefers to choose her own clothes based on her personal style.

Once she began wanting to shop alone at the mall with her friends I felt like I should take her a few times to teach her some tips on how to shop responsibly as well as give her some tips on how to shop online.

If your teenager is beginning to shop independently, below is a list of tips you can teach your teen so they can shop responsibly too!

Set a budget

Whether your teen is using allowance, birthday money, or your money; setting a budget is the first step to consider when letting your teen shop independently. Encourage them to save for more expensive items they want as opposed to spending every dollar they receive right away. This is a great habit for them to form now, so they are responsible when they begin to make consistent money later on.

Make a list

Just like you would make a grocery list, making a shopping list before heading out to the mall encourages your teen to consider their wants and needs. At this age, it’s very easy to get caught up in wanting it all. It’s our role to help reinforce their wants and needs. For example, the last time my daughter went to the mall, she made a list on her phone of the Summer items she was looking for to add to her wardrobe. Although she still came home with a few “extras” she did end up purchasing the necessities on her list.

Consider the Dress Code at school

Most schools now have a specific dress code they have to follow. My daughters latest shopping trip she went on was for Summer clothing. She still, however, had to consider appropriate attire that is suitable to wear for the last month of school.

Encouraging our teens to respect their school’s dress code, is another form of shopping responsibly.

Inspect the items

I don’t now how many times I’ve left a store to find the item I’ve purchased has some type of rip, makeup stain, or the alarm tag is still attached.

It’s important to teach our teens to take the time to examine their items before purchasing them, especially because sometimes an item is a “final sale”.

Use Coupons

There are a variety of different online coupons out there for your teens to use. Since my daughter is always on her device I told her to download Groupon. With this app she can check to see if there are any coupons she can use online or in-store towards her next shopping purchase. The last Groupon Coupon she used was for Forever 21. This is one of her favourite stores to find trendy pieces!  https://www.groupon.com/coupons/stores/forever21


Be a responsible role model

Last but not least, we have to practice what we preach!

We can’t tell our kids to save for big ticket items, inspect them, purchase necessities, and use coupons if we aren’t doing these things ourselves.


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