Tips on Spring cleaning your wardrobe

*This post was written in partnership with Clorox & Glad

It’s time to assess what’s in your closet and get sorted for the Spring season!  I know this task is easier said than done, but I assure you once you reduce clutter in your closet, entering it to find something to wear will feel less overwhelming.

In fact, after you purge your wardrobe you might just realize you do have something to wear after all!

In the last few years this less is more motto has been my mantra. I`ve been shopping my own closet more and more and buying new items less and less.

Interestingly, I`ve been eliminating more stuff than ever before and I find that I`m happier. Instead of feeling like I have NOTHING to wear while I`m staring into a closet full of hundreds of pieces of clothing I DONT EVEN WANT TO WEAR, I`m simply wearing the limited pieces I have.

I guess you can say I`ve become a lot more minimalist.  

This has saved time, which, in turn, makes me feel less stressed. And when I`m less stressed, I`m happier! Isn`t this what styling the inside of your life is about?  Finding ways to improve your everyday life so it feels good on the inside.

If your closet is stressing you out and you’ve wanted to get rid of some stuff so it`s more organized, and less stressful to look at, below are some tips on how to effectively spring clean your wardrobe.

I assure you once its done you will feel so much better!

Schedule a day to do it.

Sometimes the hardest part of spring cleaning your wardrobe is actually beginning. Spring cleaning your wardrobe can seem like such an overwhelming, daunting task. If, however, you set aside a certain day to begin getting your wardrobe sorted, you will most likely stick to getting it done. In other words, plan a day and divide a good chunk of time to get it sorted.

Divide and separate your belongings into 5 specific piles.

Once you’ve set a date to spring clean your wardrobe, the most overwhelming part is figuring out where to begin. That said, the best thing to do in this situation is to take all of your belongings out of your closet, and divide and separate them into 5 different piles. Assessing what is and what isn’t working helps decide where to place your belongings. For example, you can set aside a pile to keep, a pile to sell, a pile to store, a pile to give, and a pile to toss!

Ask yourself important questions when deciding on which items go in which pile.

Sorting out your wardrobe into different piles is time-consuming, especially if you have a hard time letting go. Here are a few key questions you can ask yourself when assessing which items to place in each pile:

Does this item fit me?

Does this piece make me feel good?

Is this item a staple?

Is this piece torn, stained and worn out?

Is this piece sentimental, why?

Can I sell this item?

Is this item a winter item that I won’t wear until next winter?

Has it been longer than a year since I last wore this? (if it has, you should probably let it go)

Place your piles into garbage bags, except the pile you are keeping.

Once you’ve divided and organized your clothing into these separate piles, place them into separate bags and piles except for the clothes you are keeping. The “keep” pile will go back into your closet. At this point, you should have already uncluttered quite a bit. As a result, when the “keep” pile gets placed back into your closet, it should feel less cluttered!

Do the same grouping process with shoes and accessories.

Place shoes and accessories into the same 5 piles as the clothing while asking yourself the same important questions as above. This will help you sort through the items and you’ll be much quicker at deciding because you did it already with your clothing!

Last tip: If you have a hard time getting rid of stuff or just simply don’t know where to begin,  invite a friend over to help! I know I’m the type that would love to help someone get rid of stuff. LOL!

Fun Fact: I used heavy-duty Glad garbage bags to do my Spring cleaning wardrobe purge!  I also went and scrubbed the crap out of the bathrooms, and wiped down the racks in my closet with  Clorox clean up!


Spring Cleaning is kind of my jam, but admittedly, not just in the Spring. #Ihaveproblems Maybe since I enjoy doing this so much I should start a Styling The Inside decluttering business. Hmmm, now there`s an idea!


Featured image courtesy of Robson Street 

4 thoughts on “Tips on Spring cleaning your wardrobe

  1. Ugh. I’m such a hoarder. I say I will wear this and that and 6 years go by and I haven’t touched it. It’s so frustrating. But sometimes, once I get rid of something, I regret it! Whyyyyyyy. And I totally feel the “I don’t want to wear any of these things!” right now. So much stuff but don’t even know how to pair it all.

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