6 week webinar to help you reduce stress and awaken #yourinnerchamp

On May 9, 2017, Ranbir Puar who is a Freedom Coach and TEDx Speaker is putting on her second webinar Awakening Your Inner Champ. You can read the guest blog Ranbir wrote for Styling The Inside here. In addition, I wrote a post in the Fall interviewing Ranbir and the work she does, you can read that here. In short, Ranbir works primarily with children and adults in the area of self-image.

Her latest webinar is about quieting your inner critic so you can receive the best guidance from your OWN wisdom. Ranbir will help you uncover your blocks and learn important information about yourself as well as figure out your relationship situations or where you could use some balance. After the 6 weeks, you should be on a more clear, authentic path!

What “Inner Champion” means to Ranbir 

“My  Inner champion is the real me…the one that knows me the best.  She doesn’t pump my tires, she is realistic and she is hopeful.  

My inner champion listens to my heart, what I would like to give and share with the world.  

My inner champion helps me find the way, the best way for me so I can have maximum growth.  I am here, in this human body, to grow and expand my soul.  That is one of my core beliefs.  

My inner champion helps me stay aligned with my soul’s purpose.  

My inner champion lifts me when I fall.  

My inner champion makes it possible for me to feel WHOLE.  

“I conversed with the voice in my head that told me I didn’t matter.  I challenged it.  I stood up to it, and then I took control.  Sounds unusual, I know…but it is a technique I have had great success using with my clients.”

In this course, Ranbir will share the steps she took to get rid of her inner critic so she could hear her inner champion roar!

I’m happy to offer you a coupon code Jamie10 for 10% off.

Please feel free to share the code with anyone you think would love to take this course!

Awakening Your Inner Champion_Social Media Post 2

More information can be found at http://bit.ly/2pIFzMW

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